“Justice without Mercy” Chapter 20

Inside, Joel felt the building shaking slightly. He then smelled smoke and shouted, “Up! JWM SerializationEveryone up! The damn building’s on fire!! Down the stairs! It’s the only way out!” Without checking behind him, Joel grabbed his notebook and ran down the stairs. The flames closed behind him, and he heard the shrill shrieks of the girls. As he reached the outside shop door, something crashed into him from behind. It was the flaming, screaming body of Joe Green thrashing on the floor. When Joel opened the front door, the draft of fresh air fueled the fire into an inferno and he knew no one else would make it out. Behind him in the short hallway, he could see Green’s still-thrashing body burning.

Joel ran to his car. Now he had to get out of Charleston. The fire inspectors would discover the residue of the car bombs and he would have no explanation. “My rug inventory is gone,” he thought. “I can’t collect any insurance and my bank account will be off limits before I can get to it. The first thing in the morning, I have to get to my safety deposit box in Georgetown to pick up my survival money and a new identity. Thank God, I followed my training and planned for an escape. Certainly by tomorrow afternoon, the cops will be hunting for me. I’m really leery about trying to use my recontact instructions.”

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You Can’t Win if You Don’t Understand the Rules

It is time for Republicans, Independents, and moderate Democrats to wake up and toughen up. Right now, they don’t even recognize the kind of struggle they are facing.

Well-funded, organized,and motivated socialists have taken over the Democratic Party. The old party we grew up with is gone. The leaders of the Democratic Party of the past would not even recognize the far-left political group that has stolen their hallowed name. They would be embarrassed by the mob antics and constant willingness of the progressives, who now own the Democratic Party, to use any means to achieve their goal. That goal, as described by the writings of Saul Alinsky, is the seizure of power.

According to Alinsky, who was the ideology mentor of Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton, there are no issues to pursue to make the nation or the people better. Issues are only to be used to destroy the opposition. Alinsky’s book, “Rules for Radicals, is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the current political struggle.

I am amazed by the number of politically astute people who believe the Democrats’ failure to capture the Senate and a larger margin in the House in the last election was due to the Democrats pushing the wrong issues. Wrong: They had the right issue – the seizure of power. Alinsky preached in his role of as a ‘Community Organizer’ in Chicago that “the issue is never the issue.”

He also is the author of the phrase “leading from behind” which President Obama often used. Both Hillary and Obama are ideological followers of Alinsky. Hillary was a close friend of Alinsky for years. All this is to demonstrate that the current antics of the Democratic Party have their roots in a very radical but effective strategy. Mob demonstrations, caravans, and violent attacks on their opponents are the tools of revolution for the socialists. The funding, training, logistics, planning and strategy is all coming from the radical left.

For example, the caravans and illegal immigration actions are simply an effort for the socialist radicals in the Democratic Party to gain the voters they need to overwhelm the Republican Party and achieve one-party rule. These tactics have been effective in the past when the opposition failed to understand what was happening.

My next blog will describe things that need to be done to prevent a socialist take over of America. Yes, it could happen here.


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“Justice without Mercy” Chapter 19

Jack looked around the room strewn with cardboard boxes. An overflowing box of fast food wrappers filled one corner. The only organized, clean area was where the optical surveillance equipment was set up. He said, “Kathy, I hope your mind

JWM Serialization

isn’t as cluttered as this pig sty. We need to come up with a plan. It’s damn clear we can’t let those car bombs be set off tomorrow in downtown Charleston. That’s the first priority. The second is to stop them and not spook the Professor. I believe we must destroy the bombs where they are and then be prepared to follow a bomber. At least one of them will be reporting to the Professor. If we fail, we lose our only link to the Professor. It will take some air assets. When we can get a plan together, I’ll call Frank to arrange for the resources to trail the bombers when they leave Charleston.”

Kathy said, “Okay, I agree that’s the strategy, but we’ll have to destroy the cars where they are with a fire. The explosives in those cars will probably burn. I doubt they will explode. If they do, better in their garage than in a populated area of Charleston. And I don’t want Hankins to get away.”

Jack said, “We need some immediate help. Call the hotel and get Lou to come now. Give him directions to park in the back of our building. When you get off the phone, I’ll call Frank and tell him our approach and see if they can handle the surveillance problem.”

After making the call to Frank, Jack was studying the garage through the tripod mounted scope, when Kathy said, “Lou and Storm are on the way. I think we can talk about the problem with them. Lou was one of the best B&E guys in the business. He broke into dozens of places and dealt with a bunch of problems. Usually he had to make it look like there had not even been an entry. In this case the fire will cover our tracks. I didn’t see any signs of an alarm system when I was in the shop. I doubt there will be one in the garage. But we can count on someone being on guard in or near the garage.”

After several hours of planning, they had a plan everyone accepted. Kathy brought in a bag of Big Macs, fries and coffee. It was now eight o’clock. Five hours from the kickoff. Everyone was resting in their own fashion. Responsibilities and communications were clear. Jack and Lou had the actual entry. Kathy volunteered to put a beacon on Hankins’ van, parked on the street almost in front of the rug shop. Storm was left to monitor activities from the OP.

If all lights in the upstairs section of the shop were off, 1:00 AM was the start. Limited-range, hand-held, two-way radios were the choice. Jack didn’t want cell phone activity in the area of the shop before the fire started. Cell phones were a start for fire investigators and the police. The explosive bomb residue will kick any fire investigation into high gear.

A few minutes after 1:00 AM, Jack and Lou, wearing black, slipped out the back door carrying some limited equipment and crossed Market Street a block east of the rug shop. From there, they worked their way back to the alley running behind the garage. A narrow trash-cluttered passageway ran between the garage and the next building. Their planned entry point was a window about seven feet above ground level. It looked as if it hadn’t been washed for several years. Jack crouched under the window, giving Lou a platform of his back to examine the window.

Lou whispered, “I can’t see through the window. I’m going to remove a pane. The caulking is nearly gone. I’ll only need a few minutes.”

“Do it. I can hold you.”

“Reach up with your left hand. I’ll hand the pane down to you.”

Jack thought this guy is good. I never heard a sound.

An instant later Lou stepped down and said, “I had a good view inside and didn’t see any guards. They may do periodic checks. What next?”

“Give me a boost. I’m going to check out the interior with my night vision gear. If I see anyone inside, I’ll take them out. No one upstairs will hear the silenced shot from my .22 High Standard. When I step down, I’ll give you a back to spray our two-gallon can of gasoline on the cars inside. Our hand pump sprayer should reach both cars. It should not leave any acceleration track for the investigators. Make sure you leave a trail of gas near enough to the window for a burning wad of newspaper to set off the fire.”

“What were you, a cop or an arsonist?”

“You’d be surprised what cops learn about the dark side.”

Sixty seconds later, Jack stepped to the ground and said, “No one inside. Your turn.”

Lou sprayed the two gallons of gas inside the garage, making sure to douse both cars and the entryway to the shop. He stepped off Jack’s back and said, “Just drop the burning newspaper inside the window. The gas trail starts there.”

“Okay. You take all our stuff and move now. When I drop it, I’ll move

fast. The gas vapor may have filled the

garage and give us an almost an instantaneous explosion. The shortest path for me is to go immediately behind the building at o

ur back. I’ll meet you at the end of the alley. Then we’ll split up and make our separate ways to the OP. Okay.”

“I’m gone.”

Jack gave Lou 20 seconds, quietly broke the glass pane Lou removed, lit the newspaper torch and shielding the small flame with his body, dropped it in the window. By the time he took three steps behind the adjacent two-story abandoned brick building, he heard a soft woomp and the darkness vanished as the fire shot out the window behind him. By the time he joined Lou halfway down the alley, the fire was engulfing the entire building.

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Elections are over. Now what?

 The suspense is over. Both parties claim victory, and both are right.  The Republicans added to their narrow margin in the Senate and the Democrats gained control of the House by a narrower margin. What difference does it make?

From the President’s view, not much.

He may find working with a Democratic House easier than trying to get legislation through the former Republican House under Paul Ryan, especially with two big items like infrastructure and health care. Both parties and the people would benefit from focus on these bi-partisan issues. But behind those two popular areas lurk the disposition of the Special Counsel’s office and the re-establishment of the long absence ‘rule of law.’

A new acting or permanent attorney general will immediately take a hard look at Mr. Mueller’s work. Has he gone beyond his charter? Does he have any evidence of collusion of the Trump campaign with the Russians? Did Deputy Attorney General Ron Rosenstein give the Special Counsel undisclosed wider scope? It is very likely that the tenure of Mr. Mueller and his Democratic staff are numbered.

The second area for the new AG leadership to explore is the areas that have been uncovered concerning the FBI’s corrupt leadership to undermine a sitting President, the corruption of the various parts of the Intelligence Community, the failure of the Sessions’ Department of Justice  to investigate the alleged corruption of the Clintons and their profitable foundation, the weaponization of the IRS, DOJ, FBI and the Intelligence Community.

At the core of the ‘Deep State’ issue is the use of government departments and agencies to assist the party in power to maintain its ruling position by illegally surveying American citizens without due process. Several laws have allegedly been broken by the Obama Administration to facilitate the Presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton. Both parties need to have these areas thoroughly investigated before we can put the charges to rest or bring the guilty persons to justice.

Our republic is based on the ‘rule of law,’ and we need to make sure no one is exempt because of position, wealth or political expediency.




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The politics of wall-building in America

Why is the radical left in America so adamantly against building a wall along our Southern border to curtail illegal immigration? Surely it would reduce the conflict between our border patrol and people seeking to enter our country illegally or to smuggle drugs and human traffic victims across the border. The cost is not that great and, once built, it would reduce the costs of protecting our Southern border.

Could it be the image of a democratic country denying unlimited entrance to people seeking a better life? Not hardly; all countries protect their borders from unwanted smuggling or immigration. Borders are a basic definition of a country.

The Democratic strategists believe greatly increasing the influx of immigrants from South America is the surest way to make the Democratic, socialist, or progressive party dominant in America. Immigrants from South America become Democrats. Many were socialists before they crossed the border. Immigrants from Asia and Europe tend to vote Republican. Radical leftists do not encourage those immigrants. The left opposed letting the boat people from Vietnam into America. Immigrants from Asia have added more than they have taken from the American dream.

The leftist clamor for an open Southern border is solely to strengthen the Democratic Party.

The globalists and one-worlders who support the radical left’s border policy want cheap labor to increase the value of their investments. A continuing flow of immigrants from South America will provide a growing pool of cheap labor that will keep the price of labor low and increase the value of their investments.

Remember, the globalists brought America the ‘Rust Belt’ and nourished it for decades behind a curtain of lies and weak leaders. To them, profits are good no matter where they come from. Poverty in the Rust Belt was simply part of the consequences of seeking profits from China and other foreign nations filling in for the loss of manufacturing in America or, as some have preached, redistributing wealth from America to lesser develop countries is a good thing. The socialists agree but consider: except for the Soviet Union, all walls were built to keep people out. Only the socialists had to build a wall to keep their citizens in.

If the socialists ever take control, they could use Trump’s wall to keep Americans in. It is a wall they will need. I have a few pieces of the Soviet Union’s wall the freed people tore down so they could get out.

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“Justice without Mercy” Chapter 18

Joel Hankins was visibly irritated when a young male customer entered the shop. Single JWM Serializationyoung men were not rug buyers, and he didn’t feel like dealing with a walk-in who may want to just look around. Joe Green didn’t give Joel a chance to brush him off.

“My name is Joseph Green and you know who sent me. We have work to do right now. Open the garage doors. I have two cars to move inside immediately. We can talk later. I’ll be with the cars in the alley in less than five minutes.” Before Joel could ask him anything, his new employee was out the door.

Joel was in the garage when the cars pulled in. He was astonished to see two young girls get out of the cars. He was ready to host five people but never thought two of them would be females. With the limited space of his living quarters, he wouldn’t be able to avoid them. The sound of their voices, their smells and all the female characteristics would be on open display. He loved hunting them but couldn’t stand being around females, especially young girls. Maybe he could stay downstairs in the shop. Still stunned by their presence, he led his visitors into the shop and upstairs. The limited baggage was stacked in a corner. Joel showed them the bath, the kitchen with supplies for meals and the TV. Joe Green asked him what was wrong. Joel realized he was repeating himself and his confusion must be apparent. He took Joe by the arm and said, “Come down to the shop with me.”

Downstairs Joe said, “What’s wrong? You had plenty of notice, and it looks like you have the necessary stuff to house them for a few days.”

“It’s not that. I wasn’t expecting any females, and my quarters have no privacy.”

Joe looked at him, laughed and said, “That’s no problem. The girls have their minds on other things than privacy and comfort. They, too, are warriors for Allah. Forget about them. They, along with their escorts, will all be gone in a day or two. Anything else?”

“Yes, why are they here? This is my shop and I want to know what the risks are.”

“That attitude and talk could get you killed. I don’t know the details, and if you ask the men upstairs, they’ll kill you without a second thought. Now show the girls the food stores and anything else they will need to get a meal ready. We are all hungry.”

Joe Green paused, thought for a moment, and said, “For your own protection, do not argue with the two men. They are Palestinians as are the girls and, to begin with, they don’t like you or our country. So do what they ask without question. They are with the man from Herat, and he does not want any questions. I think he told you that when he was here.”

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Managing the presidential dialogue

Being able to recognize and change the current political dialogue to support your goals is the mark of a very skilled politician. I’m talking about President Trump. The dialogue about the caravans, border security, sanctuary cities, and the economy is just about perfect. Until he has workable majority in the House and Senate and no cliff-hanging Rhinos, he will not raise the issue of the ‘Deep State’ or begin serious investigations of the crimes of Obama administration.

Before an investigation could start using the prosecutors of DOJ and the convening of a Grand Jury, the President would need to fire Jeff Sessions, Ron Rosenstein, Robert Mueller, and several others. A huge change in the national dialogue would sweep the nation. Some weeks would pass before the media, especially the left-wing media, would give up attacking the President for obstructing justice and colluding with the Russians.

To avoid losing control of the dialogue, the President will delay some or all of these actions until he has the time to set the stage by releasing many declassified documents that will show the involvement of several high-ranking Democrats involved in illegal activities to try and destroy the Trump presidency.

I wonder what the prosecutors will do with the Rosenstein, Mueller, Comey trio? Is it possible that Rosenstein and Comey knew Trump was surely going to fire Comey and would be looking for a perfect candidate acceptable to Congress and the Press? Rosenstein may have thought Trump would jump at the chance to hire Mueller, a well thought of former director of the FBI. All three must have been surprised when President Trump rejected Mueller.

I have no evidence for the above, except that they are long-term colleagues, and it does explain why Rosenstein was willing to write a memorandum to the President recommending he fire Comey, as he had Mueller standing just off-stage. Appointing Mueller as Special Counsel must have been the contingency plan. Rosenstein put himself in jeopardy with this action as he knew, by law, Mueller was not eligible for the job because of his close personal and professional relationship with Comey.

Now all we have to do is wait and see what happens after the elections on Tuesday. What ever happens, there will be surprises for all of us. In the meantime, all we have is wishful speculation.

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