Blogging is new for me. But so was writing of a novel that has just been published, Justice Beyond Law, that is featured on my web page. Since the main reason I pushed aside my inhibitions of web pages and Facebook is that if you want sales, you have to promote your work. No publisher or agent with the resources to advertise a new author’s book is interested in a writer who has celebrated his 80th birthday. I have a stack of reject letters to underscore my statement.  After all a writer or story-teller, which is what I really am, is not going to produce ten more books after reaching 80 years old. Fortunately, I found a new publisher/author only a few years younger than me willing to take a chance. With a small, and I mean small, advertising budget I must depend upon the readers of the book and word of mouth to spread the word.

The first rule I followed is that you must write about things you know. I didn’t need to do any research to write this book. It is all from personal experiences and that of others in the defense of freedom with varying degrees of help from my imagination. If the truth be known, the creation of strong characters will almost take over the writing of the novel. In this novel, besides telling a good story, I wanted the readers to understand the difficulties of fighting foreign enemies in the face of well-meaning  rules, regulations and political sensitivities that severely limited the effectiveness of the law and order approach to building cases with evidence that will stand up in the courts.  Oversight is critical to the freedoms we enjoy but there is a grey and expanding world between oversight and management that must be constantly reviewed.

 In my next book, Justice Without Mercy, I’ll describe the clash between law and order and national security.

Thank you,



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  1. Jackie Marrison

    Storyteller, thank you for the years of your life spent defending our freedoms. And thank you, too, for your writing. I will ready everything that comes from through your pen. Godspeed as you proceed with JUSTICE DIVIDED.

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