Insights of Eight Decades #2

The airliner, full of passengers from all walks of life, is in its final landing stages.  One of the passengers, an Islamic Jihadist, is preparing to kill every one of them.  Only he fails to set off the explosives hidden in his underpants.  His actions attract attention from the passengers and crew and he is quickly overcome and taken into custody upon landing.  The story should be that he was taken off for interrogation and after some hours or days of questioning, using no torture, he tells his captors all they want to hear and is sent to Gitmo where he is tried by a military tribunal, found guilty and executed. The information gained is used to protect our citizens.  End of story.

Not quite.  You see we have an Attorney General (AG) who wants to extend some of the rights and protections of United States Citizens to foreign nationals who are trying to kills us. Foreign terrorists, who were not captured on the field of battle or were not wearing a uniform of any recognized nation, have little or no legal protection beyond the requirements of our humanity. Let’s agree there are a few exceptions. Taliban fighters captured on the battle field could be covered by the Geneva Conventions, al Qaeda terrorists are not. In our past wars the terrorists would have been summarily executed.

The AG’s view is supported by a number of well minded citizens who believe every captured foreign terrorist has the protection of our Founding Documents and Law. Therefore, they should be tried in our civilian court system where the rules of evidence and  required legal assistance severely limit the prosecution. Evidence collected on the battle field or in the process of apprehending a terrorist organization will often not be permitted in a civilian court. The very process of submitting evidence collected, at some personnel risk, by the military, law enforcement and intelligence organizations threatens the exposure of the sources and methods used by the people trying to protect us.

The underpants bomber is now ‘lawyered  up’ and whining about how the FBI violated his rights. Is something wrong here?


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2 responses to “Insights of Eight Decades #2

  1. Jackie Marrison

    I just posted a comment on my facebook page asking for some discussion about your blog. Yes, there is something wrong with this picture? How did we get here?

    • I posted this blog to help all of us to understand the cancer from within that endangers our freedom and security. Only a government that has grown beyond the needs of the nation has the resources to evade Congress and issue directives, with the force and standing of law.

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