Eight Decades of Insights – 14


It seems to me that voters in past elections could mull over the issues and decide which candidate supported issues important to them. It was then easy to go to the polls and vote for their choice. Not now. The rules have changed, but no one told you. You are being bombarded with issue-ladened ads extolling one candidate or the other, as if this election is about issues. It is not. Maybe the Republican candidate is still playing by the old rules. If he keeps that belief and keeps reacting to shifting changes in President Obama’s campaign, he will surely lose. It is not about issues for the Progressives. It is about getting elected and keeping power to continue the transformation of America.

If you are a person focussed on the ISSUES, you must be dizzy by now with all the shifts and changes of the Progressives (read Left Wing Democratic Party). Talk about: “I was for it, before I was against it, now I’m for it again but my opponents have taken my words out of context.” The same confusion is true of numbers. Does anyone believe that more taxes from the 1% of the richest of our people can make up, even marginally, the gap between spending and revenue? Only steady growth can provide the revenue needed.

Don’t think the hard core of the Democratic Party is dumb or uncoordinated. They are not. David Axelrod and team are extremely smart and street wise. They believe elections are not won by issues. Elections are won by winning a majority of voters in a few swing states. You do this not by fighting over issues, but by destroying the opposing candidate and making promises to the electorate that cannot be kept. Truth doesn’t matter. Perception does. The Big Lie or Lies told over and over in various forums can and has worked.

Yes, the rules have changed. No, no one told you. Studying what the president said when he was a candidate himself, or when he was a senator or when he was in Akron or some other place using Air Force One and all the trappings of the president to conduct political fundraisers doesn’t matter. He will say and do what is necessary to get elected. Don’t ever forget that the Progressive mantra is that the end does justify the means. Progressives are not worried about morality, truth, or even consistency.

Don’t pay attention to issues and political ads. Think instead what it will mean to America for more of the same under President Obama or for a change in direction by a more traditional politician who doesn’t believe in “transforming” America. Lean back and imagine what four more years of transformation could do. Forget the Progressive fog of bewildering issues and slandering attacks. In our history we have seen what a divided America can mean. Don’t let it happen again. Vote the big picture and change the rules back, so we can debate over real issues to improve our country. And may the good Democrats recapture their party.

God bless our Warriors and our Olympic athletes. They are wonderful.


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2 responses to “Eight Decades of Insights – 14

  1. John Nugent

    Dear Barry:  Hi.   This was well said.  And if we don’t get Obama out and take the Senate and House, Americans can kiss what we love good bye!  We need a leader who will deliver.  And make this Congress work together for the good of the country.  Personally, I would prefer someone other than who is running for president to be our next leader.  But the most competent don’t want the job.  We should have cloned Reagan, Eisenhower, or Truman when we had the chance.  John

    Dr. John H. Nugent, LLM, CPA, CFE, CFF, CISM, FCPA Associate Professor School of Management, CFO 503 Texas Woman’s University Denton, TX 76204-5649 Cell Phone: 001-214-682-8025 Email: jnugent@twu.edu Email: jnugent@texoma.net Email: drjnugent@yahoo.com

    • John, Thanks as always for cogent intelligent comments. I worry that many of us do not realize what is happening and get caught in the weeds tilting Obama windmills. I like Ryan but believe Rubio would have brought in more votes, especially in Florida. Ryan does strengthen the ticket. The non socialistic citizens better get awake and moving to elect the Republican ticket. Where is a Harry Truman when we need one? Barry

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