In the fourth year of the Obama administration, the president has delivered on his promise to have the most transparent presidency ever.  Just look at the president’s actions, the rulings of his czar-led cabinet, speeches by the president and his surrogates, the fumbling statements of his press secretary, the infamous five Sunday talk shows by Secretary to the United Nations Susan Rice to blame the murders in Benghazi on a despicable anti-Islam film, the vicious campaign ads blaming the president’s inept performance on the debate stage in Denver by stating governor Romney lied. Are these actions hard to see through?

What you saw on the stage in Denver’s presidential debate is the true Obama  A man uncomfortable with a level playing field where petulant arrogance is no defense against a well prepared articulate opponent.  President Obama showed clearly that he is not presidential. He desperately needs his teleprompter and cannot think on his feet. When the same old cliches no longer work in the presence of an opponent who has better answers and no fear, Obama is lost in confusion and shows us who he really is, a man so far out of his depth that he cannot provide the leadership we need to restore economic prosperity and equal opportunity. His policies of class warfare, divide and conquer, breaking rules, regulations and even laws by ignoring Congress are compounded by cover ups and delaying tactics to prevent citizens from learning the truth.

What we have is straightforward politics from the depths of Chicago.  The president’s advisers come from the Chicago political school where the truth is whatever works the best for them. Their guru Saul Alinsky has written brilliantly about the process of the “end justifying the means.” Anything that might diminish the Obama administration has to be spun, delayed by investigations or covered up. The attorney general is a master of protecting the administration above everything else, including the dictates of the rule of law. Example: fast and furious where he took the fall  when he was found to be guilty of contempt of Congress, the first time in our history for an attorney general.

Other areas of increasing transparency are: downplaying the war on terror, lawlessness on our borders, failed policies in Afghanistan and Iraq  damaging our relationship with Israel,  growing the size and scope of the federal government at the expense of the states and the Constitution, controlling the means of production (socialism on the march) destroying capitalism and the free market, seeking a behind-the-scenes arrangement with Putin.

Transparency in the Obama administration  is increasingly easy to see. Just focus on the growing cracks and peer inside. You won’t like what you see.

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2 responses to “EIGHT DECADES OF INSIGHTS #23

  1. John Nugent

    Dear Barry: Hi. I like and appreciate your comments as much as I do your books. Keep up the great posts; and please keep the books coming. John

    • Barry Kelly

      Thanks. Support from people like you helps motivated me to comment on current events. I’ve 30K words on next novel, Justice Gone Bad. Hope to publish before the end of the year.

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