President Barack Obama and Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney exchange views during the second presidential debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y. They interrupt each other, bicker and ignore the moderator. Romney poses his own questions and demands answers. “That’s not true,” Obama huffs over and over. This is presidential conduct? It was squirm-inducing for some viewers. But the candidates have little to lose by cranking up the heat in a tight face, where the focus is on persuading the undecided and firing up their fans.

Throughout history, totalitarian regimes have erected brick and mortar walls as well as more subtle barriers to the flow of information. Often the walls and barriers are to prevent those outside the walls from seeing what the regime does not have, more than to protect what they have, from prying eyes. The Soviet Union was certainly ultra-sensitive to protecting their shortcomings when they built walls to hide behind. Outside their missile program and other militarized areas, the Soviet Union was a wet paper tiger. What they did not have in the 1970s was truly astounding. I spent two years in the Soviet Union from 1973 to 1975. I left being convinced they were a dangerous enemy, not because of their strength, but because of their weakness. Fear of the growing power of the West might have influenced them to strike before the gap widened further.

President Obama, with his totalitarian approach to governing and arrogance that only he and his Chicago mafia know what is right for America, have erected walls to hide mistakes and weakness as well as denying anyone outside the walls to see what has not been done. The president’s fiscal policy is non-existent. His military strategy for an increasingly dangerous world is not even a work in progress. His plan for job creation, beyond hiring 100,000 more teachers, infrastructure improvements, and green energy jobs, has never been seen. Unemployment numbers are seriously flawed. His energy policy is beyond understanding. He is not a brilliant or even a bright man and must hide his deficiencies, at least those David Axelrod cannot fix. Now there is a brilliant political strategist struggling with a hard-to-manage pupil. I cannot believe Axelrod told the president to cover up the Benghazi fiasco. In my opinion, Obama doesn’t even realize the importance Americans place on the protection of its fellow citizens, especially those sent in harm’s way without the tools to work and survive.

The presidential debates are beginning to tear down the walls erected to hide the failed promises, fantastic accumulation of debt, inept foreign policy, ignorance of economic development, amateurish military strategy, and the extreme left-wing objectives. You see a debater who is far better at displaying arrogance, anger, petulance, denial, and how-dare-you question me than he is at presenting a rational defense of his record or a cogent plan for the next four years. Don’t expect things to improve, no matter where your political allegiance resides. What you see is what you have. If you are a voter, push past the words and carefully consider if you and the nation can stand another four years of government behind the walls. Pull the walls down. Let the daylight in.

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One response to “EIGHT DECADES OF INSIGHTS #24

  1. John Nugent

    Dear Barry: Hi. I am afraid the only people who will read this blog are those of a like mind. Those who need to read it, will not. They just want to stay on the dole – keep those benies coming: rent subsidies, food stamps, etc. Why work and sacrifice when Obama will keep the gravy train running at full speed despite what he is doing to the country. I am afraid this alternate mind set has become ingrained in a near majority over many years. It has become a way of gaming the system where only the fools work hard and sacrifice. We see this also with people having many babies so the state can support them, or the many obtaining numerous free cell phones under a government emergency communication program where each is supposed to only receive one. After the Second World War, I think the largest segment of the US population knew what sacrifice and hard work was, and the threats the US faced if all did not work hard. But that understanding I believe has been lost. Moreover, unlike yesterday, today we have few in the US Congress who have ever even served in the military. Military service provides a forum for shaping young men and women in a most positive, sacrificing, and contributing manner.

    This election may be the last point to redirect this country to where again we can rise to a productive and competitive level. I fear if Obama wins, we will have reached and breached the tipping point of no return. Tytler so well defined this in his famous work on the life cycle of democracies (and republics). And no less than Cicero ‘The Orator’ articulated this point over 2,000 years ago when addressing the issues Rome faced. That is, when people become so entitled to handouts from the state without productive inputs, the system implodes.

    I went to early voting, but I think I know where Texas stands already, so I am not sure my vote will count for much because of the electoral college system. It is the swing states and the states with the most entitled where danger is greatest. John

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