Eight Decades of Insights 25

Before You Vote

Conservatives, Liberals, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and Progressives please look over the following checklist before exercising  your right to vote.

All of us should think twice before putting a person in the White House who:

* Has not shown he or she is willing and eager to undertake the difficult job of being a hands on President;

* Has not demonstrated an ability of working with political opponents;

* Does not believe in the doctrine of the separation of powers among  the three equal branches of Government;

* Believes in growing the powers of the Federal Government over the Constitutional powers of the States;

* Does not believe there is a distinct difference between civil crimes committed by US citizens and acts of war/terrorism committed by foreign nationals;

*Does not believe Capitalism and the doctrine of Free Markets are the foundation of the American Economy;

* Believes Socialism, Government spending, and Government jobs are the path to an expanding economy;

* Believes in the cradle to grave care of a centralized Government over Individual initiative and personal responsibility;

* Does not believe in American Exceptionalism;

* Does not recognize that national strength is the road to peace;

* Speaks and acts as if the world is the way he believes it is and not the way it actually is;

* Uses the rhetoric of class warfare to govern America;

* Believes in government conducted in secrecy using Czars rather than Senate confirmed Cabinet members to govern;

* Believes an annual budget accepted and approved by Congress is unnecessary;

* Does not believe a balance budget is a good near term goal;

* Believes the role of the Attorney General is to protect the Administration from Congressional Inquiry;

* Does not believe the protection of Americans serving abroad is his responsibility;

* Favors Islamic nations over Israel in middle east disputes;

* Is afraid of regular press conferences to inform the American people;

*Conducts foreign policy negotiations with Russia through whispered messages to Putin via Medvedev; (caught by an open mike)

* Doesn’t accept that the President gets all credit for the good his administration accomplishes, but also the blame for all failures.

http://www.factsandfictions.com                      by the author of the Jack Brandon thriller series

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