Eight Decades of Insights #26


benghazi_sandstorm (Photo credit: an agent)


There is no mystery to what will happen in President Obama’s second term.  He will continue to do the same programs he talked about in his first term. His goal is power.  He will use this power to transform America. To transform anything you must destroy or render obsolete what is. The destruction of the individual freedom we know today must go. Capitalism and the free market are major impediments to transforming America. Higher taxes, including the death tax, will weaken our foundation of small businesses and larger corporations, as will a cascade of new regulations giving more power to the Government. Under President Obama we will never be energy independent. He doesn’t want us to be. In his heart and mind I believe he is a far left socialist. But labels are not important. So lets forget the labels and focus on the link between the President’s words and his actions. Remember in the socialist or communist world a level playing field or giving everyone a fair shot does not mean everyone doing the ‘best they can do.’ It means pulling everyone down to the same level.  Cap and Trade regulations or laws are not for a healthier America but to give the Government control of the ‘means of production.‘ An historical goal of all socialist or communist politicians. Green energy means growing an energy industry the Government can control. You must look behind the words. Remember the President saying  several times during the  long campaign, he wanted to hire a 100,000 new teachers. Since when has the Federal Government ever been responsible for hiring teachers. That power resides in the States and localities. Control medicine, control education, control manufacturing and interstate commerce and you have power only achieved by totalitarian governments. In my lifetime I have lived in Socialist, Monarchial, Military Dictatorships and Communist countries. None of the people so anxious to support President Obama’s objectives would want to live under those types of regimes.

WHAT CAN WE DO?  We must demand transparency in Government. We don’t have it now despite all the spin doctors assuring us an investigation is underway. That is government talk for delay and obfuscation. Even kindergarten students could figure out Benghazi and the Fast and Furious debacle. I believe the Benghazi affair is many times more dangerous to our nation than WaterGate. A  fumbled burglary by small people working working for a President who surrounded himself with wimps trying to be tough. No one died and no earth shattering information was gained or lost. The punishments for the President and his crew were appropriate. Where is the media on the Benghazi incident? Like it or not our freedom depends upon an aggressive and alert press. No journalist should be in the tank for either party or any Administration. We must demand fiscal responsibility and resist increasing the deficit. We must watch the growth of government size and power, for increasing the size and power of the Executive diminishes individual freedom. Freedom is bestowed quickly but is lost bit by bit. As President Reagan said, “Government is not the answer. It is the problem.


By the author of the Jack Brandon thriller series

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