Cliffs of Moher 6



Are you  tired of the term, ‘GOING OVER THE FISCAL CLIFF’? I am. I wish all the politicians in Washington would join a pack of lemmings and go over the nearest cliff. Then we could start over and get a real agreement. One that is good for the nation, not just good for radicals.

Why is it so hard to reach an agreement? The problem is simple and fundamental. Our two parties have very different objectives. Let’s start with the Progressives of the Obama party. Can you believe that a president who hasn’t had a Congressionally approved budget in all of his first term is interested in budgets, deficits, and future financing for entitlement programs or defense of the nation? His last “budget” was rejected unanimously by members of both parties in the Senate. Using my yardstick of what a president should do, this man is a total failure. But if you use a different measuring system, one crafted over the years by foreign and domestic Progressives, he has an outstanding record. He said he would transform America and he has and he still is. In another four years, America will be a very different place. What my generation and previous generations strived and fought for will be gone. Collectivism, not individualism, will be the banner. There maybe freedom but it will be a very different freedom.

From the president’s perspective, what does he say he wants before he can agree on action to avoid the cliff issues? He wants to raise taxes on the rich (people making more than $250,000 per year.) He wants the power to raise the debt limit whenever he thinks an increase is required. He does not want any cuts or changes to entitlement programs. He wants more money to spend on stimulus packages. He wants real revenue now and maybe, spending  cuts sometime in the future. That is the package the Republicans think they are trying to negotiate. They are trying to find agreement on a fiscal and deficit problem. That is not the real battle. No matter how much they comprise or capitulate there is no fiscally sound path in these negotiations. Not now. Not later.

This cliff thing is another phase in the transforming of America. Keep your eye on the power game. Achieving a one-party system is part of the transformation process. The two-party system is an obstacle to the collectivist goals of the Progressives. The major goal is to marginalize the Republican Party. The president has proven his ability to out-message his opponents. His mandate, truly won, is for a far superior numbers game in getting out the vote and in defining his opponents in populist terms by endlessly repeating simplistic slogans. Accuracy and truth were not front and center. Instead it was the use of 21st century mass appeal campaigning, appealing to the fears and desires of targeted interest groups, not presenting plans or programs for  the good of the nation. The election did not provide a mandate on ideas or national requirements. Neither the president nor the speaker should talk about mandates.

Rhetoric about going over the cliff is only the fog generated to conceal the real objectives of the ruling Progressives.

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3 responses to “EIGHT DECADES OF INSIGHTS 30

  1. John Nugent

    Dear Barry: Well said! This man (Obama) is destroying everything I was taught to value: hard work, self discipline, country first, do your part, balance income and expenses, put off spending today for longer term goals, etc.

    And now we also see Harry Reid in the senate trying to change the rules of that body where there will be no discussion or input on bills by the minority. None! This is the fleecing of America by one party which does not understand basic economics – they just want to keep mainlining the electorate with handouts and keep them in a drug induced stupor in exchange for their votes. Some body has to pay the piper! But with those on the dole growing so rapidly relative to those who work and produce, the country is in real jeopardy.

    What is amazing is that a sizable number of people know what is wrong, yet that collective body seems unable to right the ship.

    Perhaps Tytler, Khaldoun, Cicero, and all the other thinkers throughout the centuries have rightly identified the major human flaw in collective human behavior; that is, we are doomed to bring down ourselves. John

  2. susan

    Right on. Dad knew it all along. He frequently said we’d end
    up like The Fall of the Roman Empire.

  3. Joan Kelly that is my only e-mail.

    I certainly agree with what Barry Kelly wrote and it scares me that my friends do not understand what is happening. Trump does.

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