From what I have seen over the last four years, President Obama’s war is not Afghanistan, terrorism,  or the radical Muslim world. It is the war for political dominance, couched in the language of class warfare.

English: Barack Obama Speaks to College Democrats

Barack Obama speaks to College Democrats. (Wikipedia)

First, let’s look at some of the terminology that’s present in nearly all his speeches, teleprompted or off the cuff.  Saul Alinsky tells his followers to avoid alarming the people by using terms that have substantial negative baggage. For example, “social justice” means a socialist or communist society. “Progressive” means socialist or communists. Liberals and Democrats are not Progressives. Liberals and Democrats are in the mainstream of American traditional politics. Everyone has a right to a “fair shot,” which in Progressive terminology means that the only nation in the world which  offers individual improvement through hard work, education, good choices, and commercial courage must be transformed into a  socialist or communist society. Oh, and “fair share” is another term the president often uses in his speeches. Fair share means tax the people who already fund the nation with higher taxes because everyone is entitled to share of the wealth even if they do not work. (Those who cannot work do have a claim we should honor.) “Transformation” means the destruction of the existing society and the creation of a socialist or communist society.

Where have these people been? I’ve lived in Moscow and been, for extended periods, in other communist and socialist countries. There is no comparison between the USA and those elitist crafted and managed governments. In Moscow, the mecca of egalitarian governments, blacks enrolled in Patrice Lumumba University in 1973 often came to the Marine House bar at the American  Embassy to escape racism. The world these forerunners of Progressive transformations built in the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, and Eastern Europe were very ugly worlds where millions of people were murdered in the name of building a better, fairer society. If the terms fair shot, fair share, social justice, transformation, and expanding government resonante with you, think again. These Obama Progressives are practicing the same policies Castro, Lenin, Stalin, Marx, Mao se Tung, and the National Socialist Party in Germany used. Those were not nice societies. All were run by the Progressive elite. One person, one vote, one time. Isn’t it time we recognize the freedom we now have and those in progressive societies gave up in the name of social justice? It is the same ideology, the same issues, the same elite rule, and the same beguiling rhetoric. Forget the enticing words streaming from the teleprompters. Follow the actions and the money. You do not want the Progressive Dream fulfilled. It is a nightmare, not a dream.

A war of the have nots against the haves: This is Obama’s war. Remember, the issue is never the issue. All these terms disguise the manipulation of all issues such as tax policy, immigration, development of energy resources, global warming, the debt, job creation, gun control, “you didn’t build that,” contraceptives and religion, defense spending, the role of the Constitution, right to work, and changing the electoral college. While the Republican and even some of the Democratic leadership may believe these issues are the battleground, they are not. These issues are — according to Alinskites — only relevant if they are used to gain total political power by destroying the opposition, whether the opposition is a political party or an individual, a religion, or an idea such as a free market or capitalism.


If the Conservatives focus on fighting these issues, they will lose. So far the Republican leadership is losing the battle. They are not even on the right battlefield. Nor do they have the right ideas to fight the Alinsky doctrine. Trust me, if the followers of Alinsky win, you won’t like the world they’ll bring to you.  As indicators, watch for Progressives telling us the Constitution is dead and needs to be rewritten for modern America, the growth and increasing centralization of the federal government, an increase in the power of the presidency and the changing of the two term limit for Presidents.

By the author of the Jack Brandon thriller series.         http://www.factsandfictions.com


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2 responses to “EIGHT DECADES OF INSIGHTS 35

  1. tootser13

    love it bob

  2. Jennifer McCay

    Wish Congress understood they were being led by the nose!.
    The general public is not paying attention to what is happening.
    Thanks for illuminating. Jennifer

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