Sequestration is as dumb as GOING OVER THE CLIFF. Can you even remember what that was about? We’re talking about 2% of the annual budget. Of course we don’t have a budget even though an annual budget is required by law. So sequestration is 2% of what the president might spend. I’m sure he will try to exceed his past record of overspending one trillion plus. Two percent wouldn’t even be noticed in the final accounting. Government spending will still be more this year than last. How is that for fiscal discipline? Oh, don’t overlook that the 2% is only to be applied to discretionary spending. Mandatory spending where we really spend money won’t be touched. We will still spend one trillion plus more

English: President Barack Obama signs the Budg...

English: President Barack Obama signs the Budget Control Act of 2011 in the Oval Office, Aug. 2, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

than we take in. Taxing all the rich people in America at the 100% rate will not pay down our $17 trillion debt so you could notice the difference. Only drastic spending cuts, inflation and growth can make real inroads on our national debt. What combination appeals to you?

Where did sequestration come from? It seems very clear that this is one of those Alinsky issues where the issue is never the issue. How else can you explain President Obama being on  both sides of sequestration? The idea, according to the Democratic chairman of the Senate Finance committee, came from President Obama. Some White House staffers said the same thing when the White House backed sequestration. Author Robert Woodward also reports the idea came from the president. It was the president who used sequestration to force a Republican House to come up with a balanced plan.  In Obama terminology  debt reduction  is done through revenue (disguised word for taxes) and investment (another disguise for increased government spending). There would also be token cuts in the rate  government spending increases. Isn’t it strange the Congressional Super Committee failed to reach agreement? Without further deep cuts in federal spending, sequestration cuts will have a marginal effect.

When the failure of the super committee was apparent, President Obama said he would veto any bill to change sequestration. Now when sequestration is imminent, it is now longer the president’s child. He claims it was a Republican idea. It is now an issue to be used to blame the hapless Republicans, who are outgunned when it comes to explaining their views with a message they don’t have. The really stupid part of sequestration is that it is an across the board cut with no discretion for the executive to cut marginal programs and not vital ones. This is a power President Obama doesn’t want for if sequestration hurts no one, he cannot use it to diminish the opposition party. The far left, where Obama lives, is salivating at the chance to cut the defense budget. In the grand scheme of deficit reduction, sequestration is much ado about nothing. Watch the president’s actions. Pay no attention to his words. Like the weather, if you don’t like them just wait a few days.

By the author of the Jack Brandon thriller series.  www.factsandfictions.com


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2 responses to “EIGHT DECADES OF INSIGHTS 37

  1. John Nugent

    Dear Barry: You are on point as usual. It is to the point I can’t stand to hear or even look at this two faced person any more. He just continues trying to constantly conquer by dividing with false facts and innuendo. As soon as I hear his voice, the hair on the back of my neck stands up. What harm this man has done to this great country! John

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