After winning the last election with a brilliant, if ugly, campaign and besting the House Republican leadership at nearly every encounter, President Obama is looking invincible. If he had ten percent of the wisdom of Saul Alinsky, his radical political guide and now deceased Chicago community organizer, he would be. But he doesn’t. I doubt that Mr. Alinsky would have selected Barack Obama from the ranks of his followers



to be his standard bearer. Obama doesn’t have the right experience, a strong enough intellect, or the tough  courage that a true revolutionary needs. He would be a better leader and manager if he did. The Obama flaw that will in the end thwart his socialistic transformation of America lies in his personality traits. Before going further in our look into President Obama’s basic flaws, though, we need to look at ourselves.

The American people are not imbued with the same cultural traits as the pre WWII Germans, Japanese, Russians, or Chinese, all who fell captive to attractive ideologies and charismatic leaders. We distrust too much government, at least in the center/right of our people. We have a personal and national belief in the power of the individual. We can name individual Americans who built our nation and protected our freedom. Our first (or for the record our second president) George Washington walked away from becoming a president/king. While our past leaders have had personal political ambitions, they managed to serve the nation in times of crisis rather than self or party. With them the issue was always the issue, unlike President Obama where the issue is never the issue. Saul Alinksy taught the Progressives to use every issue in any way to destroy the existing form of government to prepare the way for a more just society.

This is where President Obama’s flaws are exposed by his slavish adherence to Alinky’s teaching. The American people do not respect those whose word cannot be trusted. Obama is not subtle enough to jump to opposite sides of issues in his zeal to use all issues to destroy the opposition party. First he was for sequestration and then he was against it. No reason or rationale for the switch. We would have accepted good explanations for shifting. Instead he denies, or, more accurately, pretends he made no change. It is, was, and always will be the fault of someone else. When your word is no good, you cannot fool the people by always blaming someone else. He plays the tough guy president worse than Nixon did. Personally I believe Obama is the wimpier of the two.  If you don’t respect the people enough to treat them with respect, do not expect them to respect you, Mr. President. When the people lose their respect for a president, they also distrust said president. From distrust it is an almost inevitable step to being embarrassed by the president’s words, demeanor and actions. Who is this person? After embarrassment come the jokes. That is the point of no return. Game over.

The president’s arrogance, narcissistic behavior, disdain for any opposition, willingness to make wild and scary claims, and his general dislike of Americans and our national history and culture all make it almost a certainty he will never transform America in his image. Thank God. But keep your guard up.

By the author of the Jack Brandon thriller series.


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4 responses to “EIGHT DECADES OF INSIGHTS 39

  1. Mr. Kelly,
    What astounds me about the current political climate is the lack of investigative reporting from the media. Why is it that no one seems to question the President (other than he doesn’t make himself available)? The media should act as a watchdog and they don’t seem to be. How will things ever change?

    • Loridraper,
      Unfortunately free societies depend on an aggressive investigative media. Without that freedom is in danger because not enough people understand what is happening. The vast majority of media personnel hold very liberal beliefs. I’m not sure why but believe it goes back to Vietnam and Nixon. A high percentage of Vietnam demonstrators were demonstrating against the draft. Without the draft, I don’t think there would have been nearly as many demonstrators. But media needs to regain respect and do its critical job of protecting freedom. If we lose it, it will be very hard to regain. I’ve lived in Communist countries and know the way back is hard.People like you can help protect the wonderful freedom we enjoy. Thank you,

    • Loridraper,
      Sorry it has taken me so long to reply. The majority of the main line media gave up investigative reporting on progressive or liberal politicians because it didn’t get published. The editors discouraged the reporters. I believe this started with the war in Vietnam. The vocal left dominated the news scene. Can you imagine a reporter in Vietnam reporting good new. Reporters I respected in Vietnam, when I asked them why the good stories about U.S. Marines taking care of kids never got reported, they told me because it doesn’t get printed. Just look at Ben Ghazi for a modern day example. This bias won’t change until the political orientation of news editors changes. I don’t see much hope of that happening. Freedom depends on a questioning media.

    • Lori,
      I think my first response to your question disappeared somewhere east of blogville. Reporters investigate what they get rewarded for. Getting your stories printed is the end game. Editors that manage the news in an era of diminishing circulation are not interested in exposing gaffs, stupidity or wrong doing by politicians who are of the extreme left. There is no interest. The left is much more vocal than the right. A reporter I knew and liked in Vietnam answered my question about why none of the good stories we both saw in Vietnam didn’t get printed by saying those stories don’t get printed. If it bleeds it leads. It is sad because the freedom of all of us depends on an aggressive questioning press. Barry

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