Last night as I was watching Fox Business news, a rarity, anchor Neil Cavuto was interviewing Pat Boone, a famous singer and successful entertainer. During the interview when Cavuto was musing about what President Obama is doing, Mr. Boone pulled out the red-covered book by Mr. Saul Alinsky titled Rules for Radicals and commented that the president is following the guidance contained in this book. Cavuto, following a long line of intellectuals, scoffed at the idea the president was using Rules for Radicals to govern the country and, murmuring pleasantries, politely blew off Mr. Boone. Even worse,  Cavuto said he had read the book but didn’t believe President Obama was following Alinsky’s rules.

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on Februar...

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on February 12, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Where has he been? We depend upon our media and especially those wearing the mantle of an economic guru to recognize that conservative intellectuals similarly blew off Das Kapital by Karl Marx, the writings of Lenin, Mein Kampf  by Adolph Hitler, and Chairman Mao’s Red Book. How different the world might have been if only enough of our opinion leaders had paid attention. These men and their followers meant to carry out the logic and guidance put forth by their writings. All fought their way into power.

Once in power, they transformed their societies and governments. Freedom fell to centralized control by the elite. There were not anymore votes. Millions perished in the name of differing ideologies. Economies were destroyed. Are we so special that our nation cannot be transformed and freedom lost? I don’t think so. The Republican party, the opposition party, is in disarray struggling to understand what is happening. They, too, do not understand Alinsky. The essence of Alinsky’s teaching is: the issue is never the issue. What is hard to understand about that? Take any of President Obama’s points engraved on his teleprompter. He uses whatever side of any issue to destroy the opposition, the Republican party. After they are marginalized he will have total power to transform America just as he promised.

Listen to that promise, America.

Take something as straightforward as closing the White House to tours. His first position is that the “Republican-caused” sequestration will cause economic havoc. Streets and airways will be unsafe. Thousands will lose their jobs. All his lackeys preached the sky is falling. Closing the White House to tours was just another cheap dig to show up Republicans as monsters, locking school children out of their planned visit to the White House. That backfired and Obama’s narcissistic  mirror showed falling ratings. So change sides. It was the Secret Service who closed the White House tours, not the president, “who has never made a mistake.” I served President Reagan in the White House and know a Secret Service director would not ever close the White House for tours without being positive he was carrying out the president’s wishes.

President Obama is following Alinsky’s guidance right down the line. I wish he wasn’t. Wake up, you intellectual gurus of America. Show the courage and insight Pat Boone showed last night.

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  1. Thank you for your comments. I do very little research. The Eight Decades of Insights describes how long I’ve been learning and observing. Checkout my novels to see where I’m coming from.

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