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If Americans like their presidents to be predictable, we should love President Obama. No matter where he speaks or what the subject is, he gives a predictable  speech, a speech designed to improve his shrinking numbers and move him closer to transforming America into a socialist economy. The politics will follow. Remember, he has only one issue: take control of the House of Representatives in 2014. To do that he has to destroy the credibility of the Republican Party, his only obstacle to total power. No other issue matters. Remember he often changes his positions on issues when it is pragmatic to do so. Any doubt that he is a disciple of Saul Alinsky who preached, the issue is never the issue? In the president’s talk before Israeli students he referred to Mr. Alinsky’s guidance which he recommended they should use in their struggle to be heard.

His Middle East foreign policy is in shambles. He has failed at every turn. Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Libya (especially in Ben Ghazi and the control of Libyan weapons), Syria, and with Hamas and Hezbollah. Why go to Israel and what would he say? His poll numbers were falling. No sense maintaining his previous anti-Israel position, i.e. Israel should stop all settlements so peace talks can begin. Israel also should agree to moving back to the 1967 borders as a pre-condition.

Obama’s first major foreign policy address on the Middle East was given in  Cairo. A pro-Muslim speech. He was right next door to Israel a traditional strong ally of the United States but did not visit. He deliberately dissed the Israeli prime minister on at least two occasions in Washington.  Now why should he go to Israel and talk like he is a staunch ally of Israel? The answer is simple: To keep the Jewish vote and to make it look as if he had changed his policy and now was in line with historic American foreign policy objectives. Nothing could be further from the truth. He still has the same pro-Muslim Progressive foreign policy stance. Don’t trust his word. He doesn’t.

American foreign policy pundits have mostly bought into this change in Obama’s position on Israel. Even the Israelis believed him. I hope some of them are wise enough to see through his changing positions. The president is a master at changing sides on issues and never earning the “flip flop” label he deserves. Give him credit: With his strongly held Progressive positions, his belief in Alinsky’s end game, and early Muslim and socialists influences in his life, he does not believe he is lying. He is merely keeping his eye on the ball. If he wins in the 2014 elections he will transform America.  There will be no return. And maybe that is the way it should be. People get the government they deserve. Given our record of electing Mr. Obama twice, it is hard to argue we deserve better.

By the author of the Jack Brandon Thriller Series.            www.factsandfictions.com


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  1. John Nugent

    Right on point as always, John

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