Border Patrol

Border Patrol (Photo credit: Brian Auer)


We need immigration from south of the border, even with the unemployment figures being more than 12 percent (if we do an honest count of the unemployed). The men, women, and children who have risked crossing our porous border bring a freshness to our work force. Their work ethic is like ours used to be.  All the immigrants I’ve met are super workers. They work hard, don’t whine or complain, and are enterprising  entrepreneurs. They are strong family people, most are Christians and fit in with our Christian heritage. The young men and women are serving well in the armed forces. What’s not to like about them? Sure, they may be here illegally. We can deal with that. What we can’t deal with is a border no administration has been willing to close. Not so that no one will be able to get through. But so hundreds and thousands cannot cross illegally into America. Borders can be controlled. And with that we can find a way for the many law-abiding illegal immigrants (I recognize the oxymoron) to become citizens.

Unfortunately, President Obama does not want an immigration bill that has bi-partisan support. There is no benefit in that for his transformation of American into a one-party socialist country run by the Progressive elite. If you don’t believe that just wait and watch what happens. Obama knows the Hispanic vote is his no matter what he does. They can wait until he uses the immigration issue along with several other issues to destroy the Republican Party and seize control of the House of Representatives, which is the last legal obstacle in his drive for power. President Obama will not sign nor support a bipartisan immigration bill. He will keep moving the bar until the Republicans can no longer get over the Obama barrier. The saddest part of this scenario is that very few Republican politicians understand what is happening.

The lack of employment in the United States is responsible for the drop in border crossing statistics. Not the administration’s  border security actions. Why cross if there are no jobs? Except that the path to citizenship is a stronger magnet to attract mass crossings. Get here before the immigration legislation is passed. I hope that is right and we have real border security and a reasonable path to citizenship.


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2 responses to “EIGHT DECADES OF INSIGHTS 43

  1. loridraper

    I am a legal immigrant. I had to jump through all manner of hoops to work here legally. There are many others like me. It took years of effort, a good deal of money and a lot of patience to get my green card.
    Last night I watched a gentleman on television who felt offended at being described as an “illegal” immigrant. He is. I am not. There is a difference.

    • Lori,
      Thank you for coming here. America needs people like you. We are a nation of immigrants. Some have had a much easier time than others. There is a huge difference between legal and illegal. The path should be there but citizenship must be earned. Thanks for you comments.

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