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Everything President Obama touches he makes worse. He and his entourage don’t make mistakes 100 percent of the time. They are not that dumb. I believe worse is their goal. Now why would that be? Because this president and his minders believe their goal is to win the House in 2014; nothing else matters. It is okay if the Obama touch snatches defeat from the jaws of victory as long as his position on the specific issue furthers the progressive crusade to transform America. If you haven’t seen the ugly face of his transformation yet, take off your blinders. Stop giving him a pass every time he makes something worse.

What has he made worse? Let’s look at a few examples. Start with sequestration. The idea came from the president. He threatened to veto any bill coming to him that would lessen the impact. When sequestration was imminent, he refused a Republican offer to give him flexibility in deciding the 2 percent cuts.  Then  to make sequestration seem worse, the president and his legion of lemming Cabinet  members rushed to the nearest camera to paint pictures of disasters the Republican sequestration  would cause. When sequestration became the law of the land the gutless Cabinet resorted to pettiness. Closing White House tours, national parks, air control  towers, Blue Angels, and furloughing hardworking federal employees. But no cuts in the campaigner-in-chief’s agenda. Just months into his second term and he is out raising money instead of dealing with our monstrous debt, antiquated tax policy, and unsustainable social programs. Unlike all our other presidents who tried to work out solutions to critical issues, this president works to make the issue worse and blame it on the Republicans. He is very good at the blame game.

Is immigration a good example? Yes, one of the best. The president doesn’t want a solution. He wants an issue he can use to pound the hapless Republicans if the group of eight senators working on an immigration bill reach agreement.  President Obama will find a way to wreck any bi-partisan solution. What good is a solution to him? He already owns the Hispanic vote. But he will make it look like the bill failed because of the Republican position on border security. Janet Napolitano, the bewildered head of Homeland Security, is out telling all she has worked with border issues for more than 20 years and the border is now more secure than it ever was. Really not what the professionals working the issue say. Maybe someone should tell her, she is entitled to her own opinion but not her own facts. Rest assured the president will work to make any immigration solution worse so he has a stronger issue to use in the 2014 election for the House of Representatives. Having Nancy Pelosi re-instated  as the Speaker of the House is really scary.

How about another issue? Sometimes the way to use an issue to transform America into a socialist elite nation is to take the issue away from the opposition, in this case the Republicans. There are times in our history when the president’s lack of action and leadership over the killing of Americans at Ben Ghazi would have destroyed the president’s effectiveness as a commander-in-chief. President Reagan bombed Libya into submission over the killing of American servicemen by a Libyan terrorist in a German cafe. There are always other things but the cafe bombing was the trigger. President Obama did not want the Ben Ghazi attack on our consulate to show that after all his talk, al Qaeda was still alive and well. So it all had to be downplayed. One meeting with his National Security Team. No follow up even though the fighting was still going on. No attempt to help the beleaguered Americans fighting for their lives. The next morning with the consulate and annex still smoking, President Obama goes off to Las Vegas for a fundraiser. (That he knows how to do.) But that is not the end. For two weeks his administration avoided putting the terrorist label on Ben Ghazi. Even arrest some poor film maker who made an anti-Muslim film. A despicable  act but not a felony offense. For weeks the White House refused to identify any survivors and make them available to the Congress. I don’t think his handling of Ben Ghazi was a winning strategy but it shows how in his mind the issue is never the issue.  He doesn’t play the near term game, only the long strategic one of presiding over a one-party government.

For him there is nothing to be gained by bi-partisan solutions of our big issues. For he believes we do not have a spending problem. How can you work with a president who thinks his talk is more important than his actions? Guess again we are a nation where we judge people and presidents by their actions. Then, there is Obamacare and growing unemployment!

 by the author of the Jack Brandon thriller series.                  www.factsandfictions.com

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