Gun Control Hartford CT

Gun Control Hartford CT (Photo credit: john bunce)



This is a perfect time to show you a concrete example of Obama’s strategy. He is the worst ever president but the best campaigner who has ever claimed the title of Commander-in-Chief. Look at the brilliance of his gun legislation. He supports a bipartisan Senate version of gun legislation. On the face of it, it looks like he was really trying work with the Republicans to prevent the terrible acts of the mentally ill with access to guns.


Small problem: None of his must-have restrictions would have prevented any of the recent shooting tragedies. The president knew that. He is not stupid. He trapped the Republicans and all 2nd Amendment protectors by giving them the choice of voting for gun restrictions or rejecting any erosion of the 2nd Amendment. Either way it plays into Obama’s hand as the Alinsky disciple to use as an issue in the 2014 battle for the majority in the House of Representatives. (The Progressive goal for gun legislation is simply to abolish the rights guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment.) Slave owners had guns. Slaves did not. In every society when freedom of the individual is absent, so are weapons in the hands of the populace absent. This is precisely why our founders included the right to bear arms as the Second Amendment.


Summer's End. Lexington Green, 11 September 20...

Summer’s End. Lexington Green, 11 September 2002. Photo taken in Minute Man National Historical Park. Sculpture : “Minuteman” by sculptor Henry Hudson Kitson (1863-1947), dedicated April 19, 1900. Erected 1899 : SIRIS (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Remember with Obama, the issue is never the issue. Issues are not to be solved, only used to gain and solidify power. When it comes to getting the message out, Republican leadership is still trying to solve legislative issues the president doesn’t care one whit about. He can take any or both sides of any issue and manipulate the internal elements of any issue at any time. He is eternally flexible except on the goal of transforming America into a socialist society ruled by a progressive elite. The Republican leadership still hasn’t understood the progressive game plan. I don’t think the current Republican leadership  in the Senate ever will. I have a few hopes new leadership in the House could when the existing inept leadership is thrown out.





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3 responses to “EIGHT DECADES OF INSIGHTS 46

  1. John Nugent

    Dear Barry: You have acutely identified the president’s modus operandi. John

    • John,
      Thanks. It’s hard getting the word out. Going to a book festival on Amelia Island this week. I’ll try to explain, “the issue is never the issue. Wish me luck.

  2. Jennifer McCay

    I agree with John, when will we all wake up? Jennifer M

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