With the way things are going now, can the Republican Party call upon their leadership and snatch defeat from the “jaws of victory?”  You bet!  Let’s see, what issues do they have to use against the Progressives?

Well, there is Ben Ghazi.  Turning down requests for help, failing to equipped the Consulate with neither required staff nor equipment, failing to provide backup and/or rescue, making no effort to relieve the Americans struggling to defend themselves against impossible odds, and then lying for months about what happened. Oh yeah, the Administration did move decisively to arrest and imprison some poor daft film maker. In most election years, that would provide all that is needed for the party out of power to win both Houses. In some eras, Ben Ghazi would be enough to bring impeachment charges.

But the Republicans and Libertarians have more. What about the purity of the IRS? Did they not act as a partisan support force for the Progressives by sidelining dozens of opposition groups applying legally for tax-exempt status? IRS officials admitted as much. One ranking official even took the Fifth, refusing to answer questions from a Congressional committee. The IRS might have swung the election to the Obama team, but no one can provide proof of that. And now our president tells us there is not a smidgen of evidence that the IRS acted illegally. And with the FBI and the Justice Department failing to conduct a thorough and aggressive investigation, we will not see any evidence of wrongdoing. This is serious stuff. When whole agencies of the civil service fail to follow or support the law, what is our recourse?  With Harry Reid controlling the Senate there is no recourse. Winning the Senate in 2014 is more crucial that most Americans think.

Like the pitchman in a carnival or in a TV commercial, “Wait there is more.” There have been dozens of occasions where the President has made law by Executive fiat or decided which part of the law the Executive would enforce. That is a clear no, no. The Executive is sworn to uphold the law, not make law when it is politically convenient. What did President Nixon do to face impending impeachment charges? Something like an amateurish break in of a Democratic Party office in the Watergate Hotel. Illegal, yes. Impeachment justified, yes. Great national damage done to the nation? Probably not. No one died. Entire Agencies of the civil service weren’t corrupted.

Then there is the best or worst of all, Obamacare and his famous lie to the people. Which wasn’t a mistake: He knew at the time he wasn’t being true to his office responsibilities. But when the end of transforming America justifies the dishonest means used to  push the Affordable Care Act through the Senate by one vote, you lie.

Facing an opponent party with all that baggage should mean the House remains Republican and the Democrats/Progressives lose the Senate. But the leadership of the Republican Party has neither the courage nor the smarts to best the Progressives. Most of them don’t even understand what they are facing. The Republicans are playing the game by traditional rules with a willingness to compromise. Extending the debt limit against the wishes of the conservatives in the House of Representatives is an example of playing nice according to rules only your side is following. Going along to get along is a losing strategy. With the Progressive,s the “issue is never the issue.” Give your money and support to the politicians who share your values. If you do, America can avoid a coup by a thousand breaches of the Constitution.

By the author of the Jack Brandon novels, a former adviser to President Reagan.

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  1. John Nugent

    You hit the ball out of the park! Well siad, John

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