Anyone have trouble with getting or using domain names on the Internet? I’m not much of a computer or Internet guru but I was always able to get a domain name and use it. I have a very simple and attractive webpage.  There is no problem with the Internet phone book now. President Obama can’t seem to fix any problem or issue. Now he has turned his remarkable management ability to deciding America should turn over control of the “Internet’s phone book” to the United Nations. Why does he think he even has the authority to turn over a large part of American communications to a group of United Nations members who don’t like America and like seeing our power reduced?Internet_globe

What is the upside? I can’t think of any, and he hasn’t told the people why he is even thinking of such an anti-freedom action.  He’s already shown he doesn’t like American power and is working  constantly to reduce it. Taking the military down to ridiculous numbers is just one of many actions  that demonstrate his intent  to reduce our power on the world stage. The list is long and includes:

  • paying the Russians to deliver supplies and crew to the space station
  • making a shambles of foreign policy in Iraq, Syria, Russia, Iran, China, and North Korea (to mention our enemies).
  • Our friends and allies no longer trust our commitment  and are rapidly losing respect.

Everyone knows that President Obama is a very far left politician. That’s why he flies the progressive banner. Part of the progressive ideology is working toward “one-world government.” Here everything that matters must be turned over to some international organization. An early first transfer is giving away the Internet by having its phone book, the management of domain names, given to the UN for no known benefit. The management of Internet domain names by the U.S.government is not broken. There have been no cries of complaints or abuses of phone book power.

But  there will be. Nations who get the responsibility for managing domain names will have the power to penalize enemy nations, limit access, and devise rules and regulations for the assigning and use of domain names. Might they also use their position on the Domain Name Committee to censure use of the Internet in their own nations? How Obama’s plan extends free speech and sets an example for allowing free speech in all nations is unknown.

The worst for last: Will we be able to get control/management of the Internet’s domain phone book back to America if Obama is successful in turning it over? I think not. This is not an inconsequential act. Just ask former President Clinton.

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  1. Jennifer McCay

    Great blog. great title.

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