The president’s polls are dropping. He long ago slipped under the fifty percent favorability rating. The majority of the population believes he lies and doesn’t pay any heed to the transparency issue. For example:

  • His delaying tactics on the ‘Fast and Furious’ gun-running episode
  • IRS scandal of discriminating against conservative political groups
  • the facts of the deaths of four Americans in the Benghazi terrorist attack
  • the anti-Muslim video talking points by Susan Rice
  • the monitoring of journalists phones, and the infamous,”If you like your health care, you can keep your health care, period” lie

This is a terrible record of over-the-line actions that is matched by Obama’s failure to solve a single problem in either domestic or foreign policy. Syria, Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia, Iran, and Israel highlight his foreign policy. Obamacare, energy, job creation, thousands of government regulations that slow or kill economic progress, class warfare, and his fixation on income redistribution showcase a failed domestic policy.

Judged by those traditional issues that presidents have always been rated by, his is a failed presidency. But what if a successful presidency by our terms is not his agenda? What if he is the first American president not to care one bit about solving problems? In that case, he would be judged by progressive insiders to be very successful.

He may not be a leader or an experienced manager, but he is not dumb or stupid. How then can he be doing so poorly in the eyes of the opposition who think all they have to do is wait for the 2016 election? The answer cannot be found in the traditional leadership of the Republican Party, which has failed to understand Obama is not playing the traditional game of a president struggling with a non-supporting Congress.

A progressive jury would give Obama high marks. He has set in motion a universal health care system that will nearly destroy the America traditional medical care system. The health care in America will soon be in such chaos that the progressives will be able to bring in their long-wanted ‘single payer’ system, which is really just socialized medicine. One seventh of the economy will then be under government control.

Obama’s energy policy is preventing America from becoming self-sufficient in the production, refinement, and marketing of natural gas, coal, and oil. This policy of the EPA fossil fuel haters prevents economic growth and maintains a high unemployment and under employment rate. Welfare systems have expanded beyond any rational hope of sustainability. The national debt will cripple a stagnant economy.

Obama has successfully sown all the seeds of destroying what he inherited so he can proceed with transforming America. He has made no secret of his plan to destroy America’s military and economic power and move toward socialism and one world government. If only the real Democrats, independents, and Republicans would get their heads out of the sand and recognize Obama is winning by his rules. His opponents don’t even have a rule book.

Spread the word. Save the nation.


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3 responses to “EIGHT DECADES OF INSIGHTS 112

  1. Joel Waite

    “all they have to do is wait for the 2016 election”
    How is this different than an earthquake? Sure Obama has wrecked the place, but when he’s gone can’t we just repair the damage? I’d like your thoughts..

    • Joel,
      Thanks for your comments. If we elect a real conservative and control both houses of congress we can start repairing the damage both at home and abroad. But there is a strong progressive moment in this country. If Hillary or some other progressive wins the Obama inroads on our individual freedom and national power will be further eroded. When there are more takers than givers it is hard to stop spending and lower taxes.Remember a number of prominent republicans are big government advocates.

  2. Joel Waite

    Didn’t think of that. 4 more years of this, or worse 8 more years of this! With that we will not be the nation the founders passed on to us. Already the constitution is worse for wear. WOW! 4 more years of this…
    Looking forward to reading your book 🙂

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