Tolerance is part of the American heritage and it has served us well. There are times when tolerance is a questionable response to a dangerous situation.  There is nothing in our Constitution that tells us that we must be tolerant in the face of danger. Constantly showing tolerance for the excesses of radical Muslims is counter-productive. Jihadism or radical Islam is a threat to Americans and our way of life. They will not be satisfied until America and what it stands for is destroyed. The threat from radical Islam will not go away. It is not a fad or something that will go away if we just understand it and tolerate their hatred. Progressives led by President Obama, who also want to weaken American economic and military power, will someday understand that they, too, are marked by jihadists for elimination.

Show Muslims love, understanding, and compassion and you show them weakness and a lack of commitment to freedom and liberty, two concepts that do not flourish now and never have in any Muslim state. Muslims are not required to turn the other cheek in the presence of violence or love their neighbors or respect the weak. It appears their love and compassion does not extend outside of their faith. When the Twin Towers were brought down by Muslim terrorists, all the Arabs and other Muslims dancing in the streets of their various homelands were not al-Qaida members or jihadists. They were what progressives like think to represent moderate Muslims. These moderate Muslims tolerate and support radical jihadists by not speaking and acting to stop the senseless killing. These same moderates often support the imposition of sharia law, the mutilation of young Muslim girls, the abuse of Christian minorities and the lack of education for Muslim females.

There is nothing reciprocal about Christians showing kindness and understanding to Muslims. In America ,we allow Muslims to build mosques nearly anywhere they want. We believe in and practice freedom of religion. Name any Muslim nation that allows Christians to build churches with the freedom to convert Muslims to Christianity. There is an inherent conflict between the tenets of Christianity and those of Islam. Our leaders who have shown a decided lean toward Islam in the practice of foreign policy, need to recognize this conflict and demand reciprocity. When that doesn’t happen, which it won’t, then we have to examine the wisdom of a policy that provides freedom to a religion bent on destroying America and the West.




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4 responses to “EIGHT DECADES OF INSIGHTS 114

  1. Kip

    Would it be fair of me to conclude, you don’t like Muslims?

    • No. I only blame the extremists for the violence and those who allow fear to prevent them from speaking out. I don’t like the message the muslims are sending to the world.

  2. joan kelly

    A little damming on all muslims. The car is coming…

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  3. John Nugent

    Extremists of any sort tend to be a problem for rational people everywhere. We always seem to see these fringe groups comprising up to ~10% of any population. The problem is this 10% can cause big problems and much violence. And they have an uncanny ability to brainwash the young by offering them hope and eternal salvation.

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