Here we go again. In this administration, the buck stops nowhere.  No one is ever accountable. No one gets ever gets fired. But there is a difference this time. The real democrats have added their considerable voice to the uproar while the socialists/progressives continue to protect and support their leader. General Shinsecki, regardless of his previous honorable record, has failed this time. He knew his mission five years ago and today the treatment of our veterans is worse than when he took office. A few more facts:

This is not a new problem and President Obama did not cause the problem. He has equally done nothing to fix it except make speeches about how as Commander-in-Chief he would make sure our vets were taken care of in the VA medical system. Instead after five years he is still studying the problem. The problem for the president and the progressives is that the VA is essentially a socialized medical system limited to veterans. The VA medical system is large but nowhere near the size of the Obamacare goal. The VA system, like all socialized medicine anywhere in the world, is run by the government. Government bureaucrats  have an unblemished history of failure in every socialize medicine scheme ever tried. The government does some things very well, running a socialized medical care system for veterans is not one of them. If the government cannot run the VA medical system effectively, how will they ever be able to run the much larger Obamacare?

The answer is they cannot, and this is the reason for all the delays and cover ups of the systemic failure of VA care for veterans in the last five years. The American people, while they can be fooled by nice-sounding words from a ‘cool’ president, they will finally recognize the lack of any attempt to solve the VA problem. The truth is that the progressives are not and never have been in the market to fix problems. Instead all their effort is dedicated to gaining power in order to transform America into a one-party totalitarian socialist nation.

What is most vexing is that there is a solution. Give veterans a voucher to go to any medical facility of their choice. It is time to scrap the VA medical care establishment and stop the substandard medical care of our veterans. Socialized medicine in any form cannot be fixed. It can only be replaced. We have had since the end of the Civil War to study the effectiveness of the VA. That should be long enough even for this progressive administration.



This Memorial Day, remember those who fought and died and continue to fight and die for the freedoms of this nation, and honor them. Our president doesn’t seem to be doing so.







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2 responses to “EIGHT DECADES OF INSIGHTS 116

  1. Ruby Sue Tootser

    Where / when can we get the INSIGHTS book?

    • Ruby Sue,
      The INSIGHTS book is now in PROOF form. We plan to have it ready for distribution by mid June. My publisher, Prose Press is doing everything possible to get the book ready.

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