The first check is: did you vote twice for Obama?

The first vote I understand. We all wanted change and many were willing to take a chance.

The second time is different. After seeing the president’s actions and listening to his teleprompter for four years and if you still wanted a second term for him, you are more than a moderate Democrat. You, my friend, are a progressive. You don’t agree? Okay, let’s run through some indicators.

You believe growing the size and power of the federal government is a good thing. You knew Obama would continue growing the size of government and gathering more power into the executive branch, ignoring the fundamental Constitutional powers granted to Congress. You accept having non-elected government bureaucrats make decisions impacting our lives rather than the people elected to decide on economic and environmental issues. Did you want the president and his cabinet to decide which laws to enforce and which to ignore? Do you feel good about the politicalization of the civil service, especially the IRS discriminating against conservative groups? Do you believe President Obama is managing a transparent governing process? Have you recognized the cover ups in the cases of the “fast and furious” gun running to drug gangs, the Benghazi affair where Americans were refused help and left to die in a terrorist attack, the failure to improve care for veterans in the five years of  the Obama Administration, the IRS unlawful acts?

All presidents make mistakes, but have you heard the president’s lies on Obamacare, Benghazi, the IRS, the VA scandal, on budget issues, clean energy, climate change caused by humans, foreign policy blunders and wire tapping of journalists? Do you recognize he is always waiting for his investigation to be completed but never accepts that he is the problem and never fixes anything? He is in charge. The buck is supposed to stop in the Oval Office. Not here. It just picks up speed on its way to someone else.

Here are some fundamental beliefs progressives hold dear:

  • Government spending is a primary cause of a growing economy;
  • High taxes and constant regulation do not hamper economic growth;
  • Increasing the minimum wage stimulates the economy;
  • An intelligent elite knows best what the people need;
  • Voter I.D. is discriminatory and discourages voter turnout;
  • Government bureaucrats are good managers of the VA, and will be good managers of Obamacare;
  • Redistribution of income is the primary purpose of big government;
  • Citizens have no rights to guns regardless of the Second Amendment;
  • If the cause is just, the ends justify the means.

The president has been depending on a highly partisan media and voter support that blindly follows his socialistic agenda to protect him.  If you can’t agree with most of this, you are a progressive and that is your right. But don’t expect your individual freedom and rights to survive. They never do in any socialist, one-party political system where the socialist elites are always in power and the opposition is referred to as the rebels or terrorists.


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2 responses to “EIGHT DECADES OF INSIGHTS 117

  1. John Nugent

    Great summary analysis. John

  2. Dick Herring

    What is scary is the number of uninformed progressives who like the program but have no clue of the consequences. Hopefully they are not beyond educating.

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