Governor Perry of Texas,  whom I respect, said President Obama is either inept or has an ulterior goal. He may be inept but it is hard to tell when you are dealing with a president who does not govern by solving problems. There is no measuring stick. This president is very far outside the American mold for leaders.

It is not that he doesn’t recognize issues. He can smell an issue before it even becomes an issue. In fact he is very capable of creating issues that he can manipulate to achieve his ulterior goals. What is so hard about a border? Every nation has them. Leaving the Great Wall of China aside, most nations have exercised border control to keep people from leaving rather than to keep people from getting in.

America is rather unique. Our problem is securing our borders so we can decide who should come in from the millions of people who want to. And because we are who we are — a nation that believes in individual freedoms and the rule of law — we cannot use lethal force to protect our borders from people who want to be citizens. The solution, in theory at least, sounds doable: Establish a border that stops everyone and allows at the same time for approved applicants to enter either for seasonal work periods or to begin the process for citizenship, a process requiring learning English, a knowledge of our history, and a respect for our law.

Immigration is a good thing. We need the workers at all levels. Our nation’s birthrate is not high enough to sustain a vigorously growing economy after the taxers, wealth distributors, regulators, and hate-America administration is long gone. Enforcing borders is a solvable problem and even the Obama team is maybe up to the challenge.

Here’s the catch: The border issue is too useful to progressives for Obama to solve. The border issue can destroy the Republican Party (which is what Obama’s main goal is). Send the Republican House a request for several billion dollars so Homeland Security and the Justice Department can cope with the humanitarian  part of the border problem. The Republican House leadership may figure out this is not the way to solve the current border problem and refuse to allocate the funds. Which is exactly what the progressives running the country want. Then the border human tragedy becomes the fault of the Republican House who, judging by past actions, probably will not recognize the trap.

To avoid the trap, the House should send up their own allocation of funds that is addressed to solve the border issue. Obama may not be able to veto the border funding bill.

Yes, the president always has an ulterior agenda, but it can be defeated with some common sense and toughness. The progressives don’t have to win on the border issue their leader caused and they won’t if the Republican leadership and border governors work together to solve the border problem. I have a lot more faith in the border governors than I do in the Republican congressional leadership.


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