Note: This is the first in a series of blogs that comments on how five and a half years of Obama’s rule have affected different sections of our society. This one takes a closer look at the lives of civil servants. Next: Retirees.

How have you personally fared in the first five and half years of President Obama’s rule? How have things changed for you? You probably feel your job is secure. The government is growing at a rapid rate. A lot of your friends are unemployed or in part-time jobs, but you aren’t. Pay is good. You get raises and bonuses. Your health care is good and you have been able to keep your government health insurance and your family doctor. Under President Obama things have been good. If he ran again, he would get your vote for the third time. No question you will vote for whoever the Democratic candidate happens to be.

You have noticed that the pressure to keep your comments within the party line is greater. It is like the Hatch Act disappeared. Politics are front and center in your working life. Whistle blowing is a dangerous profession. You are expected to actively support the president’s policies. You don’t need his daily direction. You and your supervisors know what is expected. If the president wants it, you will use all under your control to give it to him. You can read the tea leaves as well as anyone. You have seen what you know is true to be questioned. Cover-ups are to be expected in partisan politics where there is no room for debate and compromise. Partisan political investigations lead to defensive responses the other side calls cover-ups.

If the president looks bad, everyone on his team will suffer. You are either with the president’s policies or against them. That’s okay. Your management and the union leaders will take care of you. Like them, you do not believe the government is too big or that the government will ever be a danger to your freedom.

You will always vote for your self-interests. If that means leaning hard toward the president’s way, no problem. You work for him. You have friends in the IRS, HHS, EPA, DOJ, FBI, CIA, DOD, and many other units. They are good people with families to support. Just like you.

The House Republicans are loose cannons. They are trying to destroy what the government has built. The crazies are even willing to shut the government down. Without you the country cannot run. Don’t they realize how wrong they are? The Civil Service is the backbone of the country.  Your job is to support the president and get his plans carried out.



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3 responses to “EIGHT DECADES OF INSIGHTS 130

  1. John Nugent

    The view from inside the government. Well done.

  2. joan kelly

    We will have to discuss this. It is a strange msg if i read it right.j

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