It’s been a long time since I was young, hopeful, and waiting for good things to come along. So please cut me some slack if and when I get too far off base. Republicans, Democrats, and whatever else weren’t even part of my fears, hopes, or wishes when I was young. By young, I mean those of you who are between 18 and 28. I doubt any of my blog readers are in that age group. I hope so, but doubt it. You don’t have the draft to simplify your life’s plans or those of the next six months. I think many of us used the draft and the armed forces as a place and time to grow up or, at least, wise up. We had no worries about getting a job right out of high school or college. Uncle Sam had plans for us and he paid for our time. Beyond that, for some of us he paid for our undergraduate education and in my case, a graduate degree as well. So people in their early- to mid-twenties graduated without debt and with several jobs to pick from. I don’t think anyone in my class of ’59 at PITT had less than four of five real employment interviews and two or three real jobs opportunities. No one had to go back home to live because they couldn’t find employment.

Contrast that with today’s young graduates five-plus years into the transforming of America. First the college seniors: you are probably deep in debt from getting a so-so education; few of you have employers coming on campus to beg you to consider working with them; you are not even sure where you will be living in the six months after graduation; most of the possible jobs are well below your hoped-for job level. The challenge of those jobs is to try and live on your salary. Getting married, raising a family, buying a new car, looking at real estate is part of a dream. It sure isn’t reality. Your medical insurance requires bigger monthly payments than the monthly mortgage payments your parents paid. Right after graduation some kind of transportation and auto insurance is as far as you can stretch. You don’t want to quit. That is no option for you. But the world is really unfair.

You just graduated from a place where most of your professors probably supported the progressive Obama administration. Is ‘progressive’ a bad word? It is the word a radical revolutionary, Saul Alinsky, adopted to replace the words “communism” and “socialism.” Those words just don’t sell well in America. Many of your professors were actively in favor of Obama’s plan of transforming America. They were in favor of hope and change. Great words but only if the hope becomes real and the change is acceptable. You see, the world has never been fair. Nobody owes you anything. Harsh, but true. The progressives want you to think the government is responsible for all your problems.

For those of you who could not afford or didn’t want to go to college, you have your own problems finding jobs that pay well. It is even harder. You’re expected to fill mostly service jobs. You know a college education is not for everyone. In America many people without degrees have created businesses, raised strong families, and held important management jobs in towns, cities, and states across America. The progressive ideology hurts you just as much as anyone. Nearly all the problems, both you and your college-educated peers face on a daily basis, are because of the policies of President Obama that do not provide an environment that encourages economic growth. President Obama’s economic recovery plan has not worked and will not work. In truth, the job market gets worse every year. Don’t believe the government’s employment figures. They are not real numbers. Just ask your friends who have been looking for good jobs and finding none. The affect of transforming America on you is that you do not now have a job commensurate with your education or current needs and probably won’t until the transforming process stops and the fixing process begins. Until then you are being made increasingly dependent on government support and that is the  intent of the progressives.

Like it or not.

Read “INSIGHTS Transforming America  Is this what we fought for?”  

By the author of the Brandon adventure/mystery novels.




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2 responses to “EIGHT DECADES OF INSIGHTS 132

  1. John Nugent

    Dear Barry: Great post. Amazon reports my copy of Insights should arrive today. One university, Texas A&M, appears to do a better job of teaching the right stuff. It seems to stand almost apart from other major educational institutions in this regard and remains a conservative bastion of higher education.

  2. joan kelly

    BK good. Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2014 11:35:39 +0000 To: joan_kelly@hotmail.com

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