InsightsFor the next few blogs I’m going to publish excerpts from my book, “INSIGHTS: Transforming America — Is this what we fought for?” This book is now out in paperback and on Kindle or Nook. I’ve kept the price low because I want this message to get to as many people as possible. Please pass these blogs on to your friends and contacts. For those of you who have read my book, you needn’t read again the same words but please pass them on. I’ll respond to as many comments and questions as I can. If you’ve had difficulty understanding this president, reading “INSIGHTS” will help you understand Obama and explain what is happening to your family and friends, conservatives or not.



The president’s devotion to socialism and the teachings of Saul Alinsky prevent him from working to solve important national and international issues. President Obama can only see issues as opportunities to be used to destroy his opposition. The destruction of the opposition clears the way for the building of a one-party government with an equal opportunity society where wealth is distributed by a centralized government, just like Alinsky preaches in his book, Rules for Radicals.

Alinsky is a brilliant revolutionary, but he was never president. His teaching may have guided Obama to the presidency but surely does not help him govern where issues are real. If you don’t solve them, you are held accountable. Cute messaging and flip-flopping on nearly every issue — such as raising the debt, setting red lines, refusing to recognize the nation is at war with terrorism, or that the economy is in bad shape — are hurting the president’s ability to govern.

Recall his vote against raising the debt during President Bush’s tenure because he thought raising the debt ceiling was being unpatriotic.  Inconsistency and the loss of respect for your word diminishes any leader. This president just doesn’t seem to understand that historical lesson. 
He doesn’t care about how the Affordable Care Act affects the people as long as it puts seven percent of the economy under government control. Nor does he worry about the number of people out of work, the insecure national borders, foreign affairs, nor the increasing cost of welfare.

All these issues bring more people under the care of the central government. To maintain the momentum of people coming under government care he must keep spending beyond the nation’s income. An economic crisis will enable him to nationalize more of the economy. His plan won’t work in the long run but it will cause great damage to the nation and the American safe harbor for individual freedom, which is the hope and bedrock for a free people everywhere.

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