Somewhere along the road, most power players recognize that controlling the agenda is more than half the battle. Controlling the agenda requires aggressive messaging that can capture the news media’s and the nation’s attention. Obama has this.

The Republicans, including the tea parties, do not. They let President Obama control the discussion. The president understands the use of issues to attack the opposition. He is very good at waving  a different red flag anytime he wants to change the subject or make himself the center of attention.

He has the Republicans falling all over themselves to be on the front lines to debate, criticize, or attack his administrative memorandums on immigration. The correct response would be to ignore the president and put forth a real immigration bill with as much bi-partisan support as possible in a measured response. President Obama does not want to see a bipartisan immigration bill. He does not care about a solution for the nation. He only wants to use the issue of immigration to attack his opposition.

Obama also does not want real discussion, debate, or action on regulation of industry, tax code, energy production and export, or foreign policy featuring Iran, Israel, Russia, China, or ISIS. A Republican Congress with some bi-partisian support may solve these problems, but Obama doesn’t want those items on the agenda. He can control neither the outcome nor the messaging in these areas.

Before the immigration issue fades, he deals from the bottom and flashes the Cuban card. Why now? Because he again wants to redirect attention to another issue he can use to attack the opposition. He doesn’t care about helping the Cuban people or increasing American influence in the Caribbean. He just wants to control the agenda and he is doing that very very well.

The next grab at controlling the news may be the closure of Guantanamo Bay. Just this weekend he sent four Afghans back to their home country from Gitmo.

The Republican congressional leadership will leap into the Obama net ready for war on the wrong battlefield at the wrong time. Let’s focus on the economy, a new tax code, limits on regulation, reduction in the size and scope of the government bureaucracy, strengthening the military, securing the border, and then a real immigration policy, piecemeal Obamacare to oblivion, and burying cap and trade (climate change).

Written by the author of the Jack Brandon thriller/mystery novels and “Insights: Transforming America — Is This What We Fought For?” available now as an ebook, in paperback or hardcover on or Another analytical book on the transforming process, “Insights: Stepping Stones to Tyranny,” is now published and available in paperback at $9.95 and on nook and kindle at $6.99. Follow the author on Twitter @factsfictions80.

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