All of us can find things that need improvement. But there is nothing fundamentally wrong with America that cannot be corrected by breaking the hold progressivism has on segments of our nation.

Progressivism, as an ideology, has no place in America. The very word itself was used by Mr. Saul Alinsky, a communist community organized in Chicago who wrote the book, “Rules for Radicals,” used  by President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and many other left-wing university professors and very left-wing politicians. Alinsky chose the name progressive because he realized the terms socialism and communism were deeply unpopular in America.

Adherents of this ideology believe no matter what problems are facing the nation, do not try to solve them. Instead, use the issue they present to attack your opponents. Since the issue is never the issue in progressive ideology you may say anything and take any action that in the end helps secure political power. In other terms, this end, seizing power, always justifies the means. Seizing power means establishing a one-party political system run by a progressive elite.

For the first time in American history we have a president who talks and acts as if he truly wants to destroy America, past, present, and future, in order to establish a far better place for all citizens. He has said many times he intends to transform America. Believe him. He means it. I cannot think of any other reason for what he says and does what he does.

Remember, this president packed up a bust of Winston Churchill and sent it back to Great Britain during his first few days in office.  Anything Churchill stood for, President Obama and his progressives are against. Not only was Churchill a British hero, many Americans from the WWII and Cold War eras also saw Churchill as a hero of the free world. That single act should have told us how deeply this president hates the Western world and its colonial past, real and imagined.

The progressives truly hate the history of America and our role as the super power. I don’t care what problem area you select, you will not find our president working to solve the problem for the good of the nation and its citizens. Take energy, the economy, the free market system, the role of the entrepreneur,  anti-terrorism actions, dealings with Islamic radicalism, the Armed Forces (force levels and equipment), relations with Israel, Iran, Russia, Cuba, and our allies, and race relations in America.

We are not a racist nation. Yet President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, Mayor De Blasio of New York and the black racism champions whose positions depend on throwing  the race card in all directions, say we are.  What kind of a White House would have Rev. Al Sharpton as their primary advisor on race issues in America? ( I write fiction but that is too far out even for a fictional story.) I don’t see how the president can be working toward national unity with the statements that come from him, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder and Mayor De Blasio. The only answer is that the president is following his ideology and using the race issue to cause chaos and anarchy in America to further the establishment of a one-party progressive government.

The progressives are masters of misdirection to control the message and the media agenda. Otherwise, why focus the nation’s attention on closing Guantanamo Bay’s detention facility for hard core terrorists or recognizing Cuba at this time? The creation of chaos on the national level by using race-based politics may be necessary before the American people might accept one-party rule. Not you, not the country, only the progressive transformation plans are benefiting from the Obama administration.

 Written by the author of the Jack Brandon thriller/mystery novels and “Insights: Transforming America — Is This What We Fought For?” available now as an ebook, in paperback or hardcover on or Another analytical book on the transforming process, “Insights: Stepping Stones to Tyranny,” is now published and available in paperback at $9.95 and on nook and kindle at $6.99. Follow the author on Twitter @factsfictions80.


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  1. John Nugent

    This was a thoughtful and well presented analysis.

    • Joyce Mallard

      I wish everyone read your blogs. Thank you for writing so that it is easier to understand why and how things in our government are as they are.

  2. Much appreciate your comments. My blog and non-fiction books are to help real working people understand the ins and outs of their government. Thank you.

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