INSIGHTS 186 — Law Enforcement and War

A new novel I titled “Quiet Justice” is in process to be published in the coming weeks. As my readers know, my stories usually have a message about the dangers of using “law and order” methods to fight a war on terrorism. Below is a passage in “Quiet Justice” from a fictional character:

“This administration, like most, is run by and controlled by lawyers. They all worship at the altar of ‘law and order.’ They are all process people who have been trained and even conditioned to focus on the process. As a result, our entire judicial and legislative branches are focused on the process of law enforcement, almost never on the substance. That’s why people often complain that the system spends more time and resources on those charged with crimes than upon the victims of the crimes. This mindset dominates both political parties.

“A policy of using the structure of ‘law and order’ to combat terrorism is a national suicide pact. We will never have the time and resources to gather evidence against terrorists and their supporters that will stand up to the evidence requirements of our judicial system. The chain of evidence is insane when the crime scene is in a war zone or a place too dangerous to use crime scene protocols. There is also the danger to the law enforcement officers and others trying to accommodate to evidentiary requirements. More planning and risk are caused by rules than by the actual operation to apprehend the terrorists.

“For entirely homegrown terrorists involving American citizens, the rules of ‘law and order’ are appropriate and proper. But when the terrorist is trained abroad, fights against America with a foreign entity, and is captured in a foreign land or caught returning to America to conduct terrorist operations, we need an alternative approach.”

We have a president and a former attorney general who tried to force the incarceration of captured terrorists into the law and order process of American courts. Why? A hard question. I can’t and don’t want to ever be inside their heads. But it seems clear they both have disdain for the military process that has worked for us in past wars. Our military has always been nationalized, as it should be. Both Obama’s and Holder’s (current nominee’s views at unknown at this time.) actions indicated they are for nationalizing everything possible. Maybe this is all about nationalizing the nation’s civil police force. Holder certainly interjects the Justice Department in areas and times where it is inappropriate and contrary to our past heritage.

Whatever the reason, we are losing the war against radical Islamists on all fronts under the philosophy of leading from behind and that Muslims are not responsible for the deluge of terrorism. When will our president recognize he should drop his pro-Islamic posture and carry out his oath of office to protect America?

Mr. President, we are at war with Islamic radicals who are not held in check by the so-called leaders of the Islamic religion. Forget about closing Guantanamo Bay and focus on fighting the real war against Islamic terrorists. You just might look presidential.


Written by the author of the Jack Brandon thriller/mystery novels and “Insights: Transforming America — Is This What We Fought For?” available now as an e-book, in paperback or hardcover on or Another analytical book on the transforming process, “Insights: Stepping Stones to Tyranny,” is now published and available in paperback at $9.95 and on nook and kindle at $6.99. Follow the author on Twitter @factsfictions80. “Quiet Justice” will be out by early March.


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2 responses to “INSIGHTS 186 — Law Enforcement and War

  1. John Nugent

    I very much look forward to reading the latest book.

  2. joan kelly

    good. who gives the pontification lecture in the book. Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2015 11:23:43 +0000 To:

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