It is six years into Obama’s transformation of America and I finally really understand what he is doing and why. It took six years because I forgot to apply RULE ONE.

I have a number of rules I use help me understand what is going on. I learned or refined RULE ONE in Vietnam in 1968. One of my jobs was to travel around the five northern provinces in I Corps in Vietnam and decide if our province staffs were under a military threat sufficient to have them evacuated until the crises past. I soon realized that when I evaluated the various staffs of these exposed provinces, the officers in charge were running their province by following what they knew how to do, regardless of the mission.

Many of these men came from backgrounds of very different skill sets. Thrown into a new situation they fell back on doing what they knew how to do. It didn’t matter how the mission changed, doing what they knew how to do remained at their core. I since have seen that this management phenomena applied to life everywhere. Why it took me so long to apply RULE ONE, people do what they know how to do, to President Obama, was a serious oversight.

He was a community organizer. He trained to be a community organizer. His ideological mentor, Saul Alinsky, was a community organizer in Chicago long before Obama became a community organizer in Chicago. Obama taught Alinsky’s philosophy during his days as a university instructor. I suppose Barack Obama was a very good community organizer. He has all the skill sets. The ability to conduct endless negotiations, to switch positions when necessary, to make it look like his negotiations are going well when, in fact, they have failed long ago. Never mind, just keep negotiating.

Community organizers lead from behind. They give never-ending speeches to try and control the narrative and messaging. They use the same sayings over and over. “Everyone should have a fair shot. Level the playing field. Everyone should pay their fair share. The rich can pay more. Protect the middle class.” 

In addition to these sound bites, they give speeches suggesting class warfare and racism is rampant in the land, that police treat minorities unfairly, heavy and constant government regulation is needed to offset the inequities of the free market and capitalism, a redistribution of wealth between people and nations must happen, and negotiations require compromise by the powerful when negotiating with weaker parties. Community organizers are always on the side of the underdog who is being oppressed by the ruling elite. The goal is to take power from the rulers and give it to the oppressed. If the oppressed are hard to find, the innovative community organizer will create them. Military and economic power are never to be used by the powerful against the less powerful. Goodness and evil are never part of this doctrine. America has sinned, and now it must be punished.

If you have ever wondered about the president’s negotiations with Russia, Iran, China, and Cuba on the international front or his unwillingness to negotiate with the Republicans, look no further. It is because he is acting in total harmony with RULE ONE. He is a community organizer and will always be a community organizer. He is just doing what he knows how to do.

Written by the author of the Jack Brandon thriller/suspense novels and “Insights: Transforming America — Is This What We Fought For?” available now as an e-book, in paperback or hardcover on or Another analytical book on the transforming process, “Insights: Stepping Stones to Tyranny,” is now published and available in paperback at $9.95 and on nook and kindle at $6.99. Follow the author on Twitter @factsfictions80. A new  Jack Brandon novel  dealing with ISIS in America, will be out by mid March.

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