INSIGHTS 203 — The President Tells the Advisor the Truth about Iran

Advisor's vault door

The president was making his way down the tunnel for another meeting with his Advisor. He shook his head at himself as he thought, I must be nuts going to talk to an old man who lives down here in these tunnels. Good thing only Chris, my go-to Secret Service guy, knows where I am. My staff would never understand. This old man is so damn smart, but they wouldn’t care. He sees right through me but never lets it show. I almost believe him that presidents since the Civil War have been meeting with the advisors who came before him. His secret is safe with me. I’ll never talk about these strange discussions with anyone. When I accepted the presidency I swore I would not answer to another person or another branch of government. I cannot transform this nation and this world by listening to the traditional sources of wisdom that are deeply tangled in America’s distorted history. And this certainly isn’t traditional.

The president put his right palm on the old, rusted door. It immediately swung open. The Advisor greeted him with his deep modulated voice. “Please come in. I’m anxious to listen to your plans and policies on Iran.”

The Advisor and the president took their usual places at the small conference table in the Advisor’s office. The president tossed his nicotine gum in the waste basket and lit up a cigarette. He sighed with content after taking his first inhale. “You don’t know how good that feels and that no one is nagging me.”

“On the contrary, Mr. President, I was a heavy smoker for more than thirty years. And I still want one now. But I know one smoke and I’m lost.”

The President smiled a knowing smile, then said, “You know about my plans to transform America into a much fairer society where all citizens and those waiting for citizenship can have an equal stake in American prosperity. Where everyone is in the middle class. Well, I have made great progress domestically. It will be up to my progressive successors to continue the drive to destroy capitalism and the folly of inherited wealth. America’s military and economic prowess has been weakened on my watch. Now I want to begin the transformation of the existing world order where the role played by America and its traditional allies is vastly diminished.

“Iran is the tool I’m using to do that. I don’t give a damn whether or not Iran develops nuclear weapons. What’s the problem? Israel, Russia, China, North Korea, Britain, France, Pakistan, and India have nukes. In a decade or so, many more nations will have them. If the theory about ‘mutual assured destruction’ has any validity, the spread of nuclear capability among the world’s nations will lead to stability. But I don’t worry about that. That is someone else’s problem. When the smoke clears from my Iranian initiative, either the Sunnis or the Shiites will control the Middle East and most of Africa. The ruling Muslim power will be able to fend off the imperialistic and capitalistic policies of the West and their lackeys. There will be no more of the colonialism that has kept my ancestors and the Muslim world from their deserved roles in the world. Now what do you think of that?” The president ground out his cigarette in a dish on the table.

The Advisor laced his fingers together and set them on the table in front of him. “I’m surprised by your remarkable candor but not about your desire to change the world order. It will take another eight years of a leader with your philosophy and motivation. But you are closer than anyone knows. Only the loss of the  Senate has delayed your progress.”

“Yes. That was a mistake. I should not have let that happen. I’m going now. Chris will call you sometime in the next week. I want to talk to you about the future of the Middle East and Islam.” Then the president stood up and left without another word.

As soon as the door shut behind the president, the Advisor poured himself three fingers of Glenlivet single-malt scotch and sat down to think before making entries in his journal.

The above is a fictional account of a president meeting with a legendary but fictional advisor.

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