Advisor's vault door

For months, the Advisor had been requesting the INSIGHT COUNCIL to approve his application to establish a Facebook page. The approval was finally granted but the Facebook page would be established and controlled by the Council. They reminded him that the only reason they were allowing this breech of protocol is because they are convinced he is facing a unique problem due to the very real conflict between the traditional mission to advise the president and the overriding need to protect and defend the nation and its unique Constitution.

The Advisor thought, the first thing I want to take on are the false narratives that flourish in people addicted to ‘sound bites’ and the last thing they heard from anyone. False narratives are a danger because with the constant bombardment of information that might improve rating numbers, media outlets will knowingly or unknowingly accept the false narrative and use it over and over. Used very much like past and present totalitarian regimes employed and employ the big lie. Repeat it enough and people will begin to believe the false narrative is the true story.

One of the Advisor’s pleasures was to sit down at his keyboard and let his fingers convert thoughts into text. There was a kind of beauty in the process that he couldn’t see when using his fountain pen to write in his journals.

The false narrative now sweeping the country, especially when interviewing presidential candidates is, “If you knew what we know now, would you have sent troops into Iraq during the second Bush presidency?”

The first candidate to respond to this query gave an incredibly stupid answer. No one could have known or even guessed that Americans would elect a man with Barack Obama’s ideology and transforming American program to the White House. Under a normal president, either Republican or Democrat, we would not have totally abandoned the fledging government in Iraq. In the vacuum Obama created, the Iraqis turned to their Shiite neighbor, Iran. It all went downhill from there. We were once the dominant power in the Middle East. No more. We have abandoned Israel and our Sunni allies in favor of Iran. In the years to come, historians will wonder how one man could have caused so many deaths and so much chaos in six years and he isn’t done yet.

And that is not the end of the false narrative. The truth is that getting rid of Saddam Hussein with his genocide policies against Iraqis of different political and religious beliefs was a good thing. Did we forget his invasion of Kuwait? Did we forget that he had used poison gas against the Kurds and the Shiites and our troops found tens of thousands of chemical protection suits and gas masks for Iraqi soldiers? Isn’t poison gas a “weapon of mass destruction?” Did we forget he was funding research into the development of biological weapons and nuclear weapons? The number one terrorist in the world, Abu Nadal, was living in Iraq. A terrorist training site with the shell of a large jet for trainees to practice hijackings with an adjoining military  barracks was discovered during the invasion.

Did the Bush Administration make several serious mistakes? Yes! And so did Obama. Did those mistakes cost American and Iraqi lives. Yes! Is this a subject for national debate. Yes and Yes! If Iraq was today a struggling infant democracy with conflicts among the Kurds, Sunnis, and Shiites held in check by an American presence and power, would such a question have been asked? I don’t think so.

CIA Headquarters has the words, “THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE” inscribed on their wall. The other side of that inscription is “ACCEPTING FALSE NARRATIVES WILL MAKE YOU SLAVES.”


The above is a fictional account of the writing of a legendary but fictional Advisor.

“ISIS: Quiet Justice,” a new Jack Brandon novel by Barry Kelly dealing with ISIS in America, is now available from your book store, This is the fifth novel in the “Justice”series. Follow the author on Twitter @factsfictions80.

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