The people of South Carolina, and Charleston, in particular, have earned the admiration of America. Yes, if you are a perpetual victim you can find remants of racism lurking around. But contrast Charleston with Baltimore or Ferguson. In Charleston the tragedy was clearly done by an openly racist white attacker on the peaceful black citizens of an historic A.M.E. Church while in a prayer meeting. It can’t get much worse than that.

I would have understood the breaking out of riots and conflicts between the police and the outraged citizens. None of that happened. Law enforcement did its job and quickly found the guilty monster. The people of Charleston and neighboring areas came together in a spirit of love to console themselves and others. The mass outpouring of forgiveness and Christian values radiated out from that tragic scene.

Charleston citizens showed that Christian values, civil manners toward all, and respect for law and order triumphed over the understandable urge to strike out with violence to get revenge and atonement for the evil that so unexpectedly befell on the innocent Charleston people at prayer.

Charleston’s example of dealing with a terrible tragedy must be remembered the next time senseless violence,  wearing the mantle of hate and racism, takes the lives of innocent people. I am fearful that the champions of divisiveness who use racism to further their own ideological and personal goals will try to tarnish the wonderful shining gift the citizens of Charleston, especially those who lost loved ones, have given to the nation. I am very proud of the people of Charleston and South Carolina. You have shown the world a class act.

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  1. Rubysue Tootser

    This should go to newspapers

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