Advisor's vault door

The Advisor stared at his wide-screen monitor. He was astounded. He knew this president better than nearly anyone else and he was shocked at the concessions the Secretary of State had willingly made to the Iranian regime. What didn’t the secretary understand about the nature of the regime? Just two days ago the top leaders had attended a rally where the attendees chanted “DEATH TO AMERICA, DEATH TO ISRAEL!” How much clearer can it be?

Iran is by far the largest supporter of terrorism in the world. Today they control, or nearly control, events in Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, Yemen, and Iraq. The Persian Empire is alive and growing. If not stopped, they will get nuclear weapons and they will use them. There is nothing in the agreement that will prohibit them. Sanctions are gone. Russia and China will not agree to reimposed sanctions on the best customer they will ever have for their military weapons systems. A weak America suits their national interests. What message is sent by the agreement with Iran and the president’s decision to cut 40,000 troops from an already weakened military? America will soon be at pre-WWII military strength levels while Russia and China are greatly increasing their military strength.

The Advisor knew talking about the truth with the president was of no use. But he wanted to get his thoughts and reactions into his ledger for the benefit of future generations, if any.

Surely Congress won’t approve this agreement. In legal and historic terms this is not an agreement, it is a treaty. All treaties have to be submitted to the Senate for approval. Not with this one. It is essentially an executive order in different clothing. Here, both Houses by a two-thirds vote will have to disapprove the agreement with Iran after the president vetoes the disapproval of both houses reached by a simple majority vote. This deal is a done deal. The old centrist Democratic Party is gone, taken over by the progressive elements who have moved the party to the far left.

My successors may see this era more clearly in the future than it is now perceived by most Americans. They will have clear evidence to what happens when the majority in a democracy vote for a president whose vision of America cannot be reconciled with our heritage or national interests. All this president’s actions are aimed at destroying the American economy, its domestic and international status, the strength of American military might, individual freedoms, the two-party system, and the balance of power doctrine embedded in the three separate but equal branches of the government. He even wants to destroy the beliefs held by the people that we are a nation of laws and with hard work and talent, social mobility is achievable. America may last for hundreds of years but the dreams will be extinguished along with “The Lights of the Shining City on a Hill.”

The Advisor slammed his ledger shut. He felt helpless.

The above is a fictional account of the writing of a legendary but fictional advisor.

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  1. John Nugent

    It seems all great societies destroy themselves from within, principally because of lousy leadership. And so it appears we are witnessing the repeat of history first hand.

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