***A brief timeout from the Advisor series to write about the Republican Party elite and the primary process.***

The Republican establishment made up of self-appointed pundits and Republican professional politicians are the elite of the Republican Party. They believe it is their right to nominate and support only candidates they find acceptable.

That is not their right.

It is the people’s right to select the nominee in the primary process. Normally called voting.

The elite on the right is just as dangerous to individual freedom as is the elite on the left, generally called the Progressive wing of the Democratic party. Neither elite recognizes how far out of step they are with the people they claim to represent.

I don’t agree with Mr. Trump’s refusal to rule out running as the candidate of a third-party. But it is his choice. His refusal is because he feels he needs leverage to get a fair break. And he is probably right. In retrospect, my disappointment with the Republican debate among very qualified candidates is that none of them stepped up and said, “If Mr. Trump wins the nomination, I will support him.” A principled statement and a winning political position.

The silence from the stage was greatly magnified when the Republican elite in Georgia withdrew their invitation to Mr. Trump to participate in the conservative function they were sponsoring. How bad is that? They are preventing a candidate for the Republican nominee for president from speaking in a national forum with other candidates. Who gave them that right? Not the people. The sponsors and organizers of this Georgian conservative forum are acting like an elite group that is afraid of letting the people judge.

We the people have let the Republican self-appointed establishment select the last two national candidates. What did that get us? Primary voters determine who wins and who loses, not an elite group of professional politicians and talking heads. Mr. Trump is not my candidate of choice. But if he wins the primary national vote, I will support him. His entry into the race has been good for the Republican Party. A party now led by by frightened career politicians who suffer from a near terminal stage of political correctness. It would have been good to see all the Republicans seeking the nomination refusing to attend a conference that excluded a candidate.

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2 responses to “INSIGHTS 223 — THE DONALD AND THE GOP

  1. cole

    You always write what I am thinking although in a much smoother and more practiced Hand.
    Thank you cousin,

  2. Jennifer McCay

    Barry–a good reflection, very sophisticated and a nice change from bashing democrats.

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