Advisor's vault door“Mr. President, good to see you again so soon.  Your visits help me deal with this isolated living.”

“Are you saying you never leave this place for any reason?”

“For a serious, life-threatening health problem that can’t be handled remotely, I’ll be taken to a private hospital facility. Normally people in this place die here. My predecessor died here just after your second-term victory.”

“I’m impressed by the dedication, if not the choice of occupations and working conditions. Do you have another question for me?”

“Yes. I was encouraged by your candor in answering my last question about closing Guantanamo Bay. My question today is why are you so intent on making a deal with Iran?”

“For the record, I didn’t believe that sanctions would stop Iran from building nuclear weapons. Something else had to be done or the Israelis would launch a surprise air attack on Iran’s nuclear industry that could set off a much wider war. In a sense, my deal with Iran pre-empts the Israelis and, therefore, the initiation of a big war that could spread out of the Middle East. My closest advisor in the White House has strong ties to Iran and has convinced me there was and is no other option.”

“Yes, but what about Iran’s poor record of living up to agreements and their sponsorship of terrorist groups in Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, and Syria?”

“When sovereign nations live up to agreements it is because they have no other choice. Do you want me to recite the times America has failed to abide by agreements that were no longer economically or geo-politically advantageous, such as our treaties with the Indian nations and some third world countries?”

“No. That will not be necessary. There is some truth to your position. Strong nations often ignore treaties or agreements that are no longer of real use. But why do you think Israel will not attack nuclear facilities in Iran? Iran has promised to wipe Israel off the world’s map!”

“Israel knows both China and Russia will back Iran against them. A major portion of the funds being released to Iran and the income they will receive from sales of their oil will go to China and Russia to purchase defensive and offensive weapons. If Israel is going to strike, it must be soon. The window is closing with the import of air and ground defense systems from Russia and China. I have a much better intuitive understanding of the Middle East and the Muslim world than my critics. You see, I do not have the nationalist baggage most Americans carry. I don’t see the great things they believe their power and influence has accomplished on an international basis. From the Crusades to the centuries of Western Imperialism, America has been the enemy of the Muslim world. Iran has been, for much of recorded history, a formidable empire. Why does Iran not have a right to recover their past greatness by having modern weapons and extending their influence over the more primitive Sunni Arab states? At heart, I am a citizen of the world. Part Christian, part Muslim but the strongest part is Islam of the third world, like my father.”

“What do you hope will be accomplished by your agreement with Iran?”

“It will bring about another power center in the world to complete with Western colonialism and capitalism. The same process will also transform the traditional power structure in the Middle East where the Sunnis of the past have been allied too close to the West because of the need to sell their oil to the developed world. If Iran can, by whatever means, take control of the flow of oil from the Middle East and direct it more equitably to other parts of the world. I want to not only transform America, but the Middle East as well. Now I have to go. I hope these talks are helping you to understand my policies.”

“Thank you, Mr. President. Yes, I can see more clearly what you are trying to achieve. May I ask more questions on your next visit?”

“Yes, but now I must go. I find talking to you helps me to better understand what I must do in my remaining time. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, Mr. President.”

The above is a fictional account of a meeting that never took place, but it could have.

The author’s latest Jack Brandon novel, ISIS Quiet Justice, is available at your local book store and in ebook format from and Barnes & Noble. Follow the author on Twitter at @factsfictions80.

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