Advisor's vault door“Mr. President, I was hoping you would return soon so we could talk about the Republican candidates. I’m very interested in your take on the front runners and what their election might mean to your accomplishments.”

“I’m addicted to three things you offer, superb coffee, smoking a few cigarettes in peace, and discussing politics with someone who will never use or leak a single comment of mine to further their own agenda. So believe it, or not, I’m beginning to enjoy these meetings. I wish you had been here for my first term. Of course, I may have benefited from talking with your predecessor, but never went down to see him. Okay, where should I start?”

“You are the professional politician. Start anywhere you want.”

“I’ll start with the interaction between the candidates and the electorate. The Republican Party voting core knows, correctly, that this is their last chance. Another eight or even four years of Progressive Party government will end the two-party system. And that will be a good thing. When the losing party only exists to prevent the winning party from implementing the programs the majority of the people voted for, how can that be a good thing?

“The Republican leaders in Congress have failed to do what the people want. They are professional politicians whose only motivation is to maintain their jobs. They are the most socialistic elite people in America. Their pensions, healthcare, pay, vacations, expense accounts, do not in any way resemble the way their constituents live. It is shameless, every bit of legislation they pass always excludes members of Congress. People are tired of that. They are so above the people they have lost the ability to talk to or listen to those who elected them. They think talking at the people is the same as talking to them. If they have a positive message the people could identify with, they have kept it well guarded. They are so easy to outmaneuver it is not even a challenge to me. Over half of the Americans polled are against the Iranian nuclear weapons deal, yet the Republican leadership can’t even muster the support to override my guaranteed veto.

“Among the current candidates, is it any wonder that those in the lead are not professional politicians? The leader, Mr. Trump, is very good at talking to the people, not at them. Dr. Carson and Ms. Fiorina also have that gift. None of them are politically correct. They offer the people real choices and direct their anger at their own leadership as well as my party. Anyone of them could defeat any of the possible Progressive candidates. I knew by the time my two terms were up, the politically aware people who do not want my brand of socialism would be a formidable force. I can’t see the senators or maybe even the governors who are running, harnessing the growing awareness and anger of the people. In many respects, they are part of the problem and do not have a solution.

“Senator Cruz is the best debater. But I don’t think he can carry a high enough percentage of the independents and centrist voters. Probably is viewed as too conservative. He is very smart and probably would make a good president. But not electable.  Senator Rubio is the best candidate on the issue of foreign affairs. The immigration issue will hurt him as well as his inability to carry Florida. Trump is right about Jeb Bush. Not enough fire in the belly and his last name is a killer. Americans won’t go for either a Bush or a Clinton dynasty.

“The governors of Ohio and Wisconsin have good local state records, but haven’t been able to excite the people. Governor Kaisch could probably deliver Ohio, but the conservative core doesn’t trust him. Governor Walker is the poster-boy for the anti-labor movement. That’s a lot of negative baggage. The other candidates don’t matter. Okay, that’s my run down. I have to go. I see by your body language that you agree with me. Right?”

“I agree with your overall analysis. You are a good political analyst. Maybe you can have my job someday.”

“No way. I haven’t seen a single golf course down here.”

This is an account written by a fictional advisor who doesn’t exist but should.

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