Advisor's vault doorThe President was barely in his seat at the gleaming cherry-topped conference table in the Advisor’s office when he said, “My time is growing short. I need my successor, Democrat or Republican, to leave my accomplishments intact. The Democratic candidates are a sorry lot. Not one of them has the intelligence nor courage to carry on my drive toward socialism and internationalism. I’ve reconciled myself to get ready for a Republican president. Now that the FBI feels free to investigate Hillary and, if necessary, indict her for breaking classification laws and possibly perjury. Her numbers were growing worse every week. I was never excited about Bill Clinton being back in the White House so why not look good and let the justice system work? As I’ve said before, presidents never investigate themselves or key staff members if there is any chance of blowback. So we leaked that Hillary was informed that private email servers were illegal. Now it is likely her server was hacked and many of the secrets of my administration were supplied to the Russians and Chinese. She is on her own.

“Now for the opposition. Who would do me and my accomplishments the least harm? Care to guess?”

“It scares me a little but the truth is that our analysis of politics is similar. I believe your Republican candidate is Mr. Donald Trump.”

“Now I’m worried. Is it that obvious?”

“No. Without the benefit of these meetings, I wouldn’t be so sure. Of all the candidates, Trump is the only one who believes  big government is necessary to solve big problems.”

“Yes. But there are other things. I use issues to manipulate the power structure to clear the path to socialism, Mr. Trump uses problems. He selects popular problems and then uses his considerable management skills to solve the problem and make himself look good. He has no ideology. He is the world’s best pragmatist. He would manage a socialist nation the same as he would a free-market capitalistic country. What’s important to him is the deal-making process. He has made billions of dollars being very good at making deals.

“As president, he will not cut any budget he believes is necessary to get his programs approved and implemented. His health care program will look a lot like mine, only he will get to the ‘single payer’ solution far faster than I thought was possible. Socialist medicine or not, he doesn’t care as long as the problem gets solved. He does feel strongly about finding and implementing solutions to problems no one else could solve. Well over half of the population will pay no taxes. Excellent. His plan will make even more people dependent on the government. Job growth he will do. He understands how to encourage growth. I’m fine with that for his job growth program will be managed by the government. Big government socialists or capitalists can and probably will end up in the same place with a managed economy.

“People won’t even realize America has become a very effective socialist country with more wealth to be shared. He will enjoy making deals with other national leaders.  I wouldn’t be surprised that he makes a better deal with the Iranians then my team did. But it will still be a deal where both sides get what they want. He will make a deal with the Russians without getting involved in a hot or cold war. In the end the Russians will still be a major power in the Middle East and remain in control of Crimea and pieces of Ukraine. But there will be provisions in the deals that preserve the rights and positions of both sides.”

The Advisor thought over his words. “So the ‘cult of the personality’ leads to the same place as long as big government is in control and the mastermind in control can have several different motives or catalysts?”

“Yes. But few leaders have ever had the purity of my vision. You see I really do believe this country has caused much harm in the world.  Its power must be diminished and when the economic and military power is gone the arrogance and cruel selfishness of the America people will also no longer rule over less fortunate people. America’s wealth must be shared. No Republican candidate has ever shared that view. All their speeches and ads keep repeating they need to make America strong again. With a little luck and dedicated behind the scenes work by my progressives, no matter who wins the White House, America will never be strong enough again to impose its will and culture on other people. If you have further questions I’ll come back. I get a perverse pleasure from watching the emotions play across your face.”

“Yes, Mr. President, I have some more questions. Please return.”


This is an account written by a fictional advisor who doesn’t exist but should.

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  1. Joan Kelly

    It is an interesting look at “The Donald”. Not aa plesant one. Does he man well?

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