Newest novel, “Blood Justice” is available now —

My latest novel, another installment in my Jack Brandon series, is available now in Kindle and Nook and paperback from Amazon and Barnes & Noble as well as a paperback in local bookstores.

Here’s the preface:

Blood Justice Front CoverThrough the ages, storytellers have used fiction to educate as well as entertain audiences. Fiction also helps us to talk about sensitive or unpleasant subjects.

In this work of fiction, I want the reader to understand how an alien ideology, like the version of Islam spread by ISIS violence, could find a foothold in America. If we are too complacent about the destructive messages preached in some mosques, it could happen, and it could happen soon. Put yourself in the footsteps of a young person who has lost hope and has no dreams left and see what leads to aligning with ISIS.

If you think political correctness is a harmless attitude, look at it as preventing a rational response to dangerous ideologies and threats. You may personally discount the entreaties of the far left to see security procedures and protocols as a danger to freedom, but they are far the lesser of two evils.

The power of government needs to be closely watched. For now, the greater danger is from our many enemies who can benefit from the politically correct rhetoric which denies we are at war with radical Islam and want to apply the legal rights of American citizens to foreign enemies. You do not fight a war using a “law and order” approach. It is a difficult balance but it must be done. Our heritage is not to commit national suicide following the cries of the political correctness champions.

Click here to get your ebook or paperback now or to check out some of my other novels.

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