When a terrorist organization that has the capability to put thousands of fighters on the battlefield and has demonstrated its ability to export terror announces it is going to carry out attacks in the Western world, why should we not believe them? Just because our leaders refuse to recognize the threat from ISIS doesn’t mean we citizens should discount the threats. Work to elect people who are dedicated to defending America, not transforming it. We have twice elected a president who is more obsessed with closing the Guantanamo Bay prison facility that was  built to incarcerate our foreign enemies than he is with protecting the nation.

He will not project our power abroad. He sees our history as being responsible for the continuation of western imperialism and colonialism. Our troops in Iraq were called ‘an occupation force.’ It appears his sympathies lie with the third-world Islam powers. Iran is an example. We have a leader who ‘leads from behind,’ which is not leading at all. The threat of ISIS to the homeland and the deaths of thousands of Arabs, Christians and Muslim, and the creation of millions of homeless refugees is the direct result of the failure of American leadership. Now he wants America to absorb thousands of Arab refugees, many young men who can not be vetted — a perfect entry for ISIS infiltrators who then would not have to use fake passports or our unguarded southern border to set up operational support capabilities in America and launch attacks against our people. All that time our law and order forces are using police powers to fight a war, which is worse than taking a knife to a gun fight.

In addition, we have a rampant case of PC-ism (political correctness). At least 95 percent of ISIS fighters are Arab Muslims, yet to recognize that Arab men are the source of terrorism in the Middle East and the West and use the tools of profiling is NOT PERMITTED. Profiling would deny jihadists of some unknown right to attack us without losing their Constitutional shields and personal rights to liberty and freedoms enjoyed by actual citizens. In essence, we are aiding and abetting people who intend to kill us and establish Sharia law everywhere they can. How long before we have “no-go zones” in America like those now in several places in Europe? I believe France is waking up. Shouldn’t we join them?

Two new novels describing possible ISIS attacks in America — like those that occurred in Paris — have been published this year. Read about the logistical resources required, the form and substance of the radicalization process, the operational planning and finally the execution of terrorist plans.

These two Jack Brandon novels, Quiet Justice and Blood Justice by Barry Kelly, are available in ebook or in print form from your local bookstore. The author, a former CIA operative and special assistant to President Reagan, has the background and experience to understand the terrorist threat.

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  1. Bob Matthews


    My name is Bob Matthews and I am a friend of Lowell and Joyce Mallard’s. I believe I have met you and Joan more than once when I was with the Mallards at breakfast or their home. In any case, while golfing with Lowell on Monday I was telling him about my intent to co-write a murder mystery novel with my son. In suggested that I might contact you for advice. I have enjoyed your novels and respect your work, and would love any opportunity I could have to garner whatever advice you are able to provide. Please let me know if you are willing to help a future great (or not so great) novelist.


    Bob Matthews 77 Clancurry Place Pawleys Island, SC 29585 Home 843.314.3824 Cell 843.325.9173

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