Nov. 3, 2015: President Obama’s concern over putting American boots on the ground is not due to his concern about the loss of American lives or the hardships of the families that is part of all deployments. It is due, I believe, solely to his obsession with the transformation of America. Chaos for him is a means to weaken America and change the world order and bury capitalism, imperialism and colonialism. Remember, he described American troops in Iraq as an “occupying force.” When the security of the United States and the well-being of the American people is at stake, lies by the president and Hillary Clinton matter. When you cannot trust the word of your leaders, maybe you should find new ones. All lies matter.

Nov. 4, 2015: Disregard anything the president or the Defense Department say about arming the Kurds in the effort to degrade and destroy ISIS. The Kurds are great fighters and a proud people. Unfortunately for them and us, the president is in the Iranian bag and Iran does not want the Kurds armed. A very high percentage of all the lethal aid the administration said it was sending to the Kurds, never got there. For politically correct reasons and guidance from Iran, the Shiite government never sent the weapons onward. Bottom line: Our policy in the Middle East comes from Iran.

Nov. 8, 2015: National security issues are a very important part of any debate between presidential candidates. When asked, “What are the most dangerous threats to America,” I have a clear but frightening opinion. It is not Russia, China, Iran, ISIS, or even radical Islam or the national debt. Our greatest danger is internal. It is President Obama and his socialist, anti-American ideology that has resulted in cutting troop levels, vetoing critical defense funds, under cutting national energy efforts, over regulation of industry and the unprecedented growth of executive power that ignores the Constitution and the rule of law.




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