Dec. 7, 2015: Remember, the president’s words from his Oval Office speech were not about Islamic terrorism. They were about his primary agenda, the transformation of America. That’s why no specifics on the war in Iraq and Syria. While he talked about bombing ISIS oil wells and oil tankers, these targets were off limits until Putin bombed the oil tankers headed for Turkey. The Kurds will not be armed with any meaningful weapons. Iran wouldn’t like that. The president’s coalition only exists in his empty words. He may believe it, but no one else does. He has alienated the Sunni Muslim world, our traditional allies, with his deal with Shiite Iran. Without a committed America, NATO nations will not put down ISIS. The only serious thing in his speech is his intent to push hard for more gun control. An armed citizenship is a serious check on the progressive party turning America into a socialist nation under the control of the progressive elites. Then, only the government would have guns.

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