INSIGHTS 246 Things to Think About

Things white houseTo Think About: This 2016 election process is a big deal. Either America continues to slide down the path to state socialism or we climb back to America’s unique greatness. Both are possible. Senator Sanders, who has long been infatuated with the false vision of the wonders of socialism is attracting strong support from a naïve electorate that hasn’t experienced the harsh reality of Socialism and its resulting one party government led by an intellectual elite. The socialist message sounds appealing, its reality is awful. Russia, China, Cuba and several other nations have or are flirting with socialism. What has it ever brought but the death of millions, the loss of individual freedom and economic stagnation? Marx, Lenin, Castro, Mao, Hitler and others have imposed Socialism/Communist on their people. In America, President Obama, Senator Sanders, and Hillary Clinton seemed to be in lock step with Saul Alinsky, the brilliant American socialist revolutionary who advocated that his followers use his teachings and the term Progressivism in place of Socialism or Communism, to transform America and redistribute wealth.

When we support and vote for a candidate we should think about our problems and the positions on those problems taken by the candidates.

Will the candidate tell us the truth and run a transparent government in line with our laws and the Constitution?

Can the candidate accomplish what he or she is promising?

Is the candidate’s vision consistent with the Constitution and your life’s goals?

Have the last eight years been good for you and your family?

Do you know many people who are worse off today? People who couldn’t find a job and dropped out of the workforce?

Is America educating our youth? Are college graduates able to find employment in their field of study?

Are our veterans being well treated and honored for their service and sacrifices?

Do you feel your government is able to protect your family?

Is your government’s foreign policy dealing effectively with the dangers you see abroad? Can you trust what you are being told about foreign agreements your government has signed?

Are you satisfied with your government’s handling of the national debt and current spending levels?

Has border security been improved in the last eight years? Do you trust your candidate to improve border security and deal with immigration issues?

If you cannot answer yes to nearly all these questions, maybe you need to rethink your choice of the next president.

Written by the author of the Jack Brandon thriller/mystery series. The most recent Brandon book, Blood Justice, is available at  your local bookstore.


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