There are many reasons to choose one presidential candidate over another. I have two primary factors my candidate must have in addition to integrity, intelligence and leadership qualities. First the candidate must understand what has been happening during the Obama Administration. If he or she does not understand the methods and ideology of the transformation process put in place by this progressive president, how can they repair the damage both domestically and internationally? If a candidate believes, as many of those with governor resumes seem to believe, that the damage to our economy, foreign affairs and military strength was done only because the man we elected twice to the White House was too inexperienced for the job and just made a series of critical mistakes.

Faulting Obama’s inexperience and overlooking his deep ideological commitment to transforming America into a socialist nation subservient to international law, should disqualify any candidate from being a serious contender for the role of President and Commander-in-Chief. Where have they been? So wrapped up in the local affairs of their respective states that they cannot see the big picture?

My second factor is the candidate must understand that big government, a government grown beyond its Constitutional requirements, is a distinct danger to individual freedom. Whether the government grew beyond its necessary size under the Republicans, Progressives or the Democrats, it presents the same danger. Today the government and civil service have been politicized beyond fixing by a few tweaks here and there. They need wholesale restructuring. The Justice Department is no longer worthy of its lofty title. The IRS is more like Germany’s Brown Shirts who supported the Nazi Party in its rise to power than a benign tax collector. The intelligence agencies, the security departments, the EPA, HHS, Energy, Education and others, less dangerous, need serious pruning and restructuring. Yes, even the military’s top level has learned to roll over and obey when they should resist and resign. No candidate who is not committed to ruthless cuts in the size and role of government is worthy of our votes. Cutting back and editing of Obama’s regulations and executive orders is not enough. It takes a tough person to recognize the fundamental problems left from the Obama era and to wipe out eight years of Progressive rule. I don’t hear many candidates addressing these fundamental issues. Do you?



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