INSIGHTS 250 Bernie’s Version of Socialism


If you heard Bernie Sanders’s victory speech or manifesto after his victory in New Hampshire, you’ll know what he plans to do if he is elected. Give the gadfly Senator credit. He did win, he’s not hiding his agenda and he is honest, even when he extolls the promises of socialism. He really believes his rhetoric. Remember this is a guy who took his bride to the Soviet Union for a honeymoon when the gulags were over flowing and the socialist/communist government was showing its willingness to crush all dissent and spread their brand of totalitarian government throughout the world.

Senator Sanders’s message is appealing to those who don’t care to learn from history. Education, medical care, high wages, infrastructure jobs, much higher taxes on the rich, destroy Wall Street, tax, regulate and punish corporations, equality of wages, no foreign wars are the main categories of his message. And it is all for free. It is not your fault you are not rich. The corporations, big banks, Wall Street, drug companies, the rich and all Republicans are in a vast conspiracy to deny you your just share. Lenin promised ‘land, bread, peace’ to the Russian people near the end of WWI. What they got was far different. The buds of democracy where frozen, millions of dissenters or suspected dissenters were killed and or imprisoned. All the freedoms we enjoyed today were never delivered by those promising the values of socialism and big government.

Socialism under Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, or the inmates running North Korea all promised the people great things while depriving them of everything. Socialism always results in loss of individual freedom, human rights and hope for a better future.  It rewards its followers with never ending repression and a bare subsistence economy. The only people who do well in a socialist economy are the small group of elites who always end up running the socialist/communist government.

Senator Sanders’s message is no different and the result will be the same.  Like the attractive, crowd pleasing, politicians before him the message is wonderful, the results will be awful. To decode his message, follow the money. Like all the other Socialists/Communists/Progressives he cannot tell you in any detail where the money is coming from. You won’t hear anything other than the money will come from taxing and regulating the rich and corporations. The message about creating jobs by a massive rebuilding and repair of our roads, bridges, airports and rails sounds promising, until you realize infrastructure jobs do not create wealth. The money must come from somewhere else. That somewhere else is you.

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