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Tomorrow we vote in South Caroline for the Republican candidate of our choice. There are several good choices. All are better than any Democrat running or thinking about running. But which candidate is right for the time.

President Obama with his socialist power down of the America’s economy and military to make us fit into some demented international scheme of income distribution, both between people and nations, will leave a giant mess behind as his legacy.

The economy is in a shambles, debt is nearly out of control, America’s best in the world medical system will soon be a thing of the past. Our military manpower and experience level has been eroded. Weapon systems are outdated and nothing new is being developed to upgrade them. Care of our Veterans is shameful. No one is responsible and no one is accountable for the disgrace. The civil service is politicalized. It is no longer an unofficial check on executive power abuse. Agencies and Departments of the government have grown beyond the need and have increased the scope of their charters. Probably the IRS is the worst. Followed by the EPA, HHS, Justice, and DHS.

We need someone who is a recognized problem solver and isn’t directed by some archaic inner ideology. A pragmatist is needed, not a politician. Our situation requires a president with enough brashness and ego to charge ahead and ignore the calls for political correctness, study, and endless debate. Of all the candidates, I believe only Mr. Trump fills that bill. He is not the smartest or the most knowledgeable in foreign policy but I think his credentials as a deal maker are tailored made for the mess the progressive regime of Obama and company have crafted over the last seven years. In other times I would be supporting Mrs. Fiorina and Senator Rubio. They are truly the smartest and most knowledgeable regarding foreign policy and military affairs. But our need is more critical. The progressive china must be broken and quickly. America can be made great again.



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2 responses to “INSIGHTS 251 WHO DO WE NEED?

  1. Jacoline Beann

    Way to go, Barry! Me too! Jacoline (Marta)

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