INSIGHTS 252 Senator Sanders’ Big Lie



Why does Senator Sanders, a self-proclaimed socialist, draw such crowds to his rallies? The answer is not complicated. The historical message of the far left socialists, progressives or communists is attractive. It always has solutions to fix all of the problems of society. More equal distribution of wealth. Social welfare programs that support citizens from ‘cradle to grave.’ It’s not your fault you are not rich. The deck is stacked against you by the rich and powerful. The only way to get your rightful share is to take it from the few rich people and corporations.

All societies have victims. Victimhood is a very comfortable cloak for many citizens. It gives them an excuse for their failure to climb the success ladder. The socialist answer is to take the ladder away and hide it from all except the elite who always emerge to rule the government-owned and managed economy. The great truth about socialism and communism is that it never has improved the lives of the people. Those who were the victims remain victims, only now there is no hope once the socialist/progressive elite is in total control. There is no dissent. The people have the freedom of never having to make a choice. There are no choices except those offered by the governing elite.

While Senator Sanders is not an evil person but  what he is preaching hides a very ugly ending. You see he knows what is good for you and the nation. He doesn’t tell you his message has always required a strong repressive police and security force to enforce the guidance of the elite managers. Socialism, progressivism and communism cannot govern without repression. For when you take away the freedom of choice from the people there will be dissent. The ugliness of the Sander’s way always begins with the necessity to force people to follow the rules of their elite rulers. Besides losing the freedom of individual choice, the people soon see a mantle of economic stagnation settle over their once productive economy. President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Senator Sanders cannot tell you where their way of government has ever worked. Because it never has. Look at Cuba, Russia, East Germany, China and even the pseudo socialist states of Europe. On a large-scale or small, as some of cooperatives tried in America, collective/socialist schemes have all failed for the same reason. The management of collectives of any kind requires repression that eventually is rejected by the people. Reality never matches the socialist message.

This message is taught in very few colleges or universities. These institutions are run mostly by an intellectual elite that believes in the message and promise of the left-wing ‘isms.’ Very few of these professors have ever really worked for a living or lived in a socialist country. They believe the message because it’s kinder, gentler promise than the reality of the rough and tumble of free market and capitalism. Anyone who is rich, and not a member of the socialist elite or a revolutionary, is an enemy of the majority of social study curriculums in our colleges and universities. Since the real truth of the Sanders’ message will not be taught in our education system, it is up to the rest of use to expose the real truth behind the attractive message of socialism. Just ask where has it ever delivered what it so seductively promises?

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