spin1Candidates for the Republicans and Democrats are all showing what they really feel about the Ist Amendment to the Constitution. When they think it benefits their campaigns, they are quite willing to claim it is Donald Trump’s fault demonstrators are disrupting his political rallies.

Free speech rights end when people with opposing beliefs attempt to prevent a candidate from speaking to people who want to hear the candidate speak in an open forum. What you are seeing is the ugly hand of the progressive party’s supporters. How else do demonstrators coordinate their actions and show up with professional signs? I expect this kind of biased PC from the liberal left, but not from competing Republican candidates. A number of FOX commentators have joined the progressive media in the spinning of the blame for these disruptions that endanger the First Amendment, the people and the police.

Where does the establishment of the political class end? Has the political class established roots throughout our government? Do they even care who governs as long as they can control the political process to protect their positions?

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  1. Many people misunderstand what “free speech” under the First Amendment applies to. It only covers the actions of government against individuals. Opponents can’t abridge the First Amendment rights of Trump or his supporters by protesting, because Trump is not guaranteed a platform to speak from by the Constitution.

    We can argue that protest is disrespectful and impolite, but they still have the legal right to do it. Trump also has the right to ask them to leave, which they must comply with. However, if Trump then urges physical harm to befall the protesters, HE abridges THEIR First Amendment rights. That’s the old Oliver Wendell Holmes example of shouting “fire” in a crowded theater.

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