The Republican Party doesn’t trust the people to choose their candidate for the Presidential campaign so they must find someone they can trust to follow their guidance. They are sure neither Trump or Cruz would. I believe they are right about that. When they meet in quiet meetings that don’t occur who do they consider?

Their first choice is obvious. It is Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House. A nice man, an honest man, a decent manager but a leader he is not. He is a process person, like his counterpart in the Senate. By that I mean they focus almost solely on the way things are done and much less on what should be done. A leader is not daunted by the immense tasks facing him or her.

The IRS needs to be replaced or redefined. The military needs emergency funding for personnel and weapons. The entire Civil Service needs to have their ideological core removed. They should serve either party with the same efficiency.

The rule of law needs to be re-established. No one is above the law, including the President and his senior staff. The ongoing investigation of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation should present a clear example of the need to have the rule of law apply to all.

The tax code needs real changes. Ryan may be able to do that for he is a very competent accountant. But I don’t believe he has the stomach or vision to face the storm of chaos needed to save the nation from the path of decline caused by the Obama Administration over the last seven plus years. Give President Obama credit, he intended to wreck the nation and no one can say he hasn’t given it a “fair shot.”

Thousands of Executive regulations and rulings need to be cancelled and quickly. It takes a leader not a manager to have the courage and ego necessary to make wholesale changes quickly. A leader knows he or she will make some mistakes for that is far better than the dangers of inaction and endless study in the Washington manner.

We, the people, don’t demand much. We are a nation of strong and resilient people who want our leaders to improve the economy and provide jobs for those who want to work and to keep us safe from rogue nations, radical Islam and the dangers of a government grown beyond its necessary size and scope. And we demand our borders be made secure. Don’t talk about it. Do it. Lastly, our leader should work to unite the people. Regardless of the rhetoric of President Obama and his handpicked bureaucratic minions we are not a racist nation. Could a racist nation could have elected President Obama twice? I don’t think so. Our new leader should not use the divisive language of class warfare and forget about constant reference to the middle class whoever they are or were.

Don’t let the Republican elite or the political class trash the will of the people in the voting process for some arcane self-serving voodoo of manipulating delegates to give them the candidate they want. We’ve been there. Remember the inept campaigns of McCain and Romney? Please no more of that. I believe Mr. Ryan was part of the Romney ticket. Enough of the bookkeepers, process driven people and the political correct class. We need sweeping real changes. We’ve had enough words and false promises.





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2 responses to “INSIGHTS 257 WE NEED A LEADER

  1. John Nugent

    Dear Barry: As always, this is a timely, well thought out posting, John

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